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Gwadar Moza Map, Singhar housing Gwadar  plot for sale, New Town Gwadar Plot Prices

Sanghar Housing Scheme Gwadar Plot Rate

Singhar Housing Scheme Gwadar 1000 Square Yards Rates
Street J-K   lane J K-12   Plot Number 7   Market Rate 120 lac
Street G-H   lane g-7   Plot Number 71   Market Rate 118 lac 

Singhar Housing Scheme Gwadar Sea View Plot Rates
Street H J-J   Lane C-V   Plot Number 11   Market Rate 160 lac

Sanghar Housing Scheme Gwadar Corner Plot Prices
Street G-H   Lane g-1   Plot Number 11   Market Rate 138 lac

Sanghar housing scheme Gwadar Price comparison of Just in last six month, 600 sq.yard plot price was 60 lac in December 2018 and now in may 2019 price is 90 lac. 1000 sq yard plot price was 75 lac in December 2018 and now a days in may 2019 price range is 100 lac to 165 lac.

New Town Gwadar Plot Prices

New Town Gwadar Residential Plot For Sale

New Town Housing Scheme Gwadar Phase 2 Plot Price
Plot No. 41   Block F    Asking Price 47 lac corner

New Town Housing Scheme Gwadar Phase 3 Plot Price
Block C   Plot Number 33   Price 72 lac  2 kanal
Block C   Plot Number 44    Price 70 lac  2 kanal  

New Town Gwadar Commercial Plot For Sale

New Town Gwadar High Rise Sea View Commercial Plot For Sale
Block DE  Plot Number 239  Market Rate 90 lac 222 square yard
Block DE  Plot Number 289  Market Rate  94 lac 222 square yard

Every country and every person is looking for gwadar invest. Day by day investment volume is increasing and people are earning higher return from gwadar investment.
CPEC one road one belt is connect 65 countries with roads and railway network.
Other countries and multinational countries are establishing their factories and businesses in gwadar. Gwadar has large number of  natural beaches , scenes and crafting. Natural schemes fascinate every body. When business will establish in gwadar and people will come all around the world to gwadar. They will prefer to shift their families in heaven like place gwadar.
I give you few comparisons of gwadar properties. So that you can understand that how much investors are earning from gwadar.

Gwadar Moza Map

There important points Gwadar main roads Map and Gwadar Moza locations are the best investment of time. Following are some important Gwadar moza and Roads

  • Mouza Tibkalmatti Gwadar
  • Shumali Ankara Gwadar
  • Mouza Nalant Gwadar
  • Moza Tank Gwadar
  • Zahr Kaur Gwadar
  • Moza Shambri Gwadar
  • Kohe Mehdi Gwadar

Gwadar Moza Map

Download Gwadar Moza Map

Gwadar moza Map

Download Gwadar Master Plan


New town housing society phase 3 2 kanal updated rate. which is located on top location of Gwadar , sangar society is consist on residential and commercial plots. Especially relevant  Consequently Gwadar Mouza jaat Map.

DHA Lahore Phase 8 1 Kanal Plots

DHA Lahore Phase 8 T Block Plot Number

235 Plot Number T Block  Market Rate 240 Lac Location Facing Park
784 Plot Number Block  Market Rate 255 Lac 
231,232 Plot Number Block  Market Rate 480 Lac  Pair

DHA Lahore Phase 8 X Block Plot Number
875 Plot Number Block  Asking Price 240 Lac
1223/7 Plot Number Block  Asking Price 85 Lac Size 10 Marla
1021 Plot Number Block  Market Rate 205 Lac 

Lahore DHA  Phase 8 W Block Plot Number
766 Plot Number W Block  Asking Price 250 Lac 
168 Plot Number W Block  Asking Price 280 Lac 
421 Plot Number W Block  Asking Price 255 Lac 

Lahore DHA Phase 8 S Block Plot Number
168 Plot Number Block  Market Rate 210 Lac Location Facing Park
305 Plot Number Block  Market Rate 215 Lac 
719 Plot Number Block  Market Rate 170 Lac 

DHA Lahore Phase 8 5 Marla Plots

Lahore DHA Phase 8 Z4 Block Plot Number
295 Plot Number Z 4 Block  Market Rate 50 Lac  Status All Paid
871 Plot Number Z 4 Block  Market Rate 45 Lac  Location 100 Feet Road

Lahore DHA Phase 8 Z5 Block Plot Number
335 Plot Number Z 5 Block  Market Rate 45 Lac 
1002 Plot Number Z 5 Block  Market Rate 52 Lac 

Gwadar new town 1 kanal plots for sale
  • PHASE-8 IVY GREEN* Z 1-204 At The Rate Of 104 *Gwadar New town 500 square yards plot for sale All paid* Z 4-07 At The Rate Of 100 *All paid* Z 5-486 At The Rate Of 65 *All paid* Z 5-664 At The , Gwadar map Pakistan
  • Gwadar new town 8 marla plots for sale Rate Of 65 *All paid* Z 3-68 At The Rate Of 68 *All paid* Z 6-843 At The Rate Of 60 Gwadar port map location. *7/m All paid* Gwadar master plan pdf  Z 6-870 At The Rate Of 55 *7/m All paid* Z 6-750 At The Rate Of 49 *All paid* Z 6-492 New town Gwadar 1 kanal commercial plot rates
  • At The Rate Of 52 *All paid* Z 5-219 At The Rate Of 35 *All paid* New town Gwadar 10 marla commercial plot for sale  Regards. *DEFENSE All Residential & Commercial FILES FOR SALE* *100% Confirm Deals With Respective* *DEFENSE Phase 8 (Park View)*
  • New town Gwadar 5 marla commercial plots for sale
  • 4-Marla Commercial Allocation Available For Sale Moza (Mali Aura) At The Rate Of
Singhar housing scheme commercial plot for sale
  • New town housing scheme gwadar phase 2 1 kanal plot for sale
  • Moza (Shea Aura) At The Rate Of *DEFENSE RAH BAR (Phase 11)* 4-Marla Commercial Allocation Sanghar housing Gwadar 400 square yard plot for sale Available For Sale Moza (Halo) At The Rate Of Moza (Salado) At The Rate Of *  Airport Road Gwadar
  • DEFENSE Phase 7* 4-Marla Commercial Affidavit Sanghar housing Gwadar 200 square yard plots for sale
  • Available For Sale  *Moza (Sang at Pura) At The Rate Of *DEFENSE Phase 5 (M-Extension)* 5- Sanghar housing scheme Gwadar 1 kanal plot for sale Marla Residential Affidavit Gwadar Mouza jaat Locations map Available For Sale At The Rate Of *DEFENSE RAH BAR (Phase 11)* 5-Marla Residential Allocations & Sanghar housing Gwadar 500 square yards plot for sale
  • Affidavits Available For sale Gwadar map download  Moza (Haloki) At The Rate Of Moza (Salado) At The Rate Of *DEFENSE Phase 7* 5- Sanghar housing scheme Gwadar 500 square yards plot for sale Marla Residential Files Allocation & Affidavit Available for Sale At The Rate Of 10-Marla Residential Allocation & Sanghar housing scheme Gwadar 5 marla plots rate
  • Coastal highway gwadar Affidavit Available For Sale At The Rate O 1- Anal Residential Allocation Gwadar moza Map

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