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Society covers an area of about 2500 acres that has been split into five different phases.

Sangar Housing Project Gwadar Plot Prices

Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar 1000 Sq yard Plot For Sale
Street : RS Lane : NV/RS   Plot Number #  Price 147 lac
Street : RS Lane : R/7A   Plot Number # 8  Price 96 lac

Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar 600 Sq yard Plot For Sale
Street Jk,  lane jk 3  Plot Number 7   Asking Price 45 lac
Street Jk,  lane jk 4  Plot Number 9   Asking Price 44 lac

Sanghar Gwadar Map

Sanghar Gwadar Map 

Sanghar Gwadar Map
Singhar map, Sanghar Gwadar Map, Singhar housing scheme phase 2 map

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Sanghar Housing Society Gwadar prices are very lucrative as its comes under the list of those lavish societies of Gwadar. Sangar housing scheme map possess an extravagant master plan involving commercial, residential, high-rises, community parks, shopping malls and golf courses areas. The residential and commercial areas of Singhar housing gwadar map has been divided into 5 phases namely 1,2,3,4, 5 and extension. Singhar housing scheme map is given bellow.

Following are passing through this society Sanghar gwadar map

This society was initiated in early 90s by the government of Balochistan. As this scheme has been developed on a mountain hill top consisting of sand, rocks covering land of about 13 kilometers, has an eye catching sea view in its surroundings. Since After the announcement of the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) project. All the area covering Sangar society was reclaimed and a portion of it was allocated to Pakistan Navy and Pearl Continental (PC Gwadar.

This society is very close to sea. So many major and grand road are connected with this society and make it’s location very attractive and price. Sangar housing scheme gwadar map is perfect. So Touching boundary with Navy housing society. And many more option for investment. Singhar housing map clears us for houses very good investment for investors.

DHA Lahore File Prices

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Z Block 10 Marla Prices

Market Rate 59 Lac  Size 10 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 10 File Asking Prices
Market Rate 54.75 Lac Size 1 Kanal

DHA Multan Phase 1 File Asking Prices
Market Rate  34 Lac Size 10 Marla

LDA City 5 Marla File Asking Prices
Market Rate  15.50 Lac Size 5 Marla

DHA Phase 7 Commercial File Asking Prices
Market Rate 238 Lac Size 4 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 7 1 Kanal Prices

843 Plot Number   U Block  Asking Price 130 Lac

98 Plot Number   Q Block  Asking Price 148 Lac 
956 Plot Number   Q Block  Asking Price 134 Lac 

305 Plot Number   S Block  Asking Price 155 Lac 
942 Plot Number   S Block  Asking Price 145 Lac 

DHA Lahore Phase 7 Y Block 1 Kanal Plot Number Asking Prices
3551 Plot Number   Y Block  Market Rate 107 Lac 
542 Plot Number   Y Block  Asking Price 165 Lac Size 22 Marla Location Corner

DHA Lahore Phase 7 T Block 1 Kanal Plot Number Asking Prices
505 Plot Number   T Block  Asking Price 140 Lac  Location 100 Feet Road
1107 Plot Number   T Block  Asking Price 128 Lac 

DHA Lahore Phase 7 10 Marla Plot Number Asking Prices

2028 Plot Number   U Block  Asking Price 79 Lac 
2228 Plot Number   U Block  Asking Price 75 Lac 
4528 Plot Number   Y Block  Asking Price 77 Lac 

DHA Lahore Phase 7 4 Marla Commercial Prices
327 Plot Number   CCA 4 Block  Asking Price 325 Lac

Sanghar Housing Society Gwadar prices

  • Sangar housing scheme phase 2 600 sq yard plot for sale road U Plot Number 546  Best Market Prices  155 lac corner X Plot Number 166  Best Market Prices  105 lac 10  Marla  X Plot Number 700  Best
  • Sangar housing scheme gwadar phase 2 5 marla plots prices Market Prices  170 lac final S Plot Number 598 corner 145 lac final S Plot Number 90  Best Market Prices  125 lac final S Plot Number 940  Best
  • Sangar housing scheme gwadar phase 4 1 kanal plot for sale Market Prices  130 lac corner S Plot Number 1016  Best Market Prices  150 lac final Grand properties 240 Plot Number MB phase 6  Direct Residential
  • Sangar housing scheme gwadar phase 4 500 sq yard plots for sale Inventory  Sharaqpur Road   Sharaqpur Road Raqba   With construction(40,000 Sq ft) FOR SALE Note : All related Keys in Hand Size 1 Kanal ,Rooms 8 with 4 beds Back of Main 150”
  • industrial area gwadar  2nd to Main Available for Residents/ School/ College/ Academy/ Hostels / Clinic/ Hospital & Govt Air port road Gwadar
  • Sangar housing project Gwadar 1 kanal plot for sale department also  PHASE 6 COMMERCIAL   70 A  Best Market Prices  20 Crore / Ndc apply   .Main boulevard. / parking   149 A  Best Market Prices  685 lake
  • Sangar housing scheme phase 3 commercial plots for sale  Ph 6 Commercial 16  Marla  MB   363 / 364 MB  Best Market Prices  2350 Lath   Phase Plot Number 5   Phase Plot Number 9
Singhar Gwadar 500 square yard plot price
  • Prism CCA  Plot Number  4  Plot Number  269  Plot Number  4m cor  Plot Number 305 Phase 8 BWB  Sangar housing project Gwadar 8 marla plot price
  •  Plot Number  34  Plot Number  8m  Plot Number  Sangar housing project gwadar phase 1 1 kanal plot for sale 825 BAWD  Plot Number  68  Plot Number  8m  Plot Number  815 BWD  Plot Number  185/1  Plot
  • Sangar housing project Gwadar 500 square yards plot for sale Number  4 m  Plot Number  450 BWD  Plot Number  196  Plot Number  4 m  Plot Number
  • Sangar housing project gwadar phase 1 5 marla plot price  400 P  Plot Number  28  Plot Number  4 m Plot Number  400 Air Avenue R  Plot Number  17  Plot Number  9.33 m  Plot Number  625
  • Sangar housing project gwadar phase 1 500 sq yards plots for sale Air Avenue  Plot Number  L  Plot Number  36  Plot Number  4 m  Plot Number 270 Green Properties 256 FF CCA phase 4 DHA
  • Sanghar housing scheme phase 1 housing scheme 11 Kanal Land for Sale Budget 115 to 125 lac Briana or Ndc Ready plots  Urgent for sale     4  Marla  plots  residential or semi commercial 10 Plot Number D Best Market Prices Offer(One Kanal Residential Plot) Sanghar Gwadar Map (Clear Plot)(NDC Applied) 130 Imperial Plot Number 2 Best Market Prices 85 Lac(10 Plot Number  Marla  Residential Plot)(Possession Plot)
 Singhar Gwadar 8 marla plot price
  • Jinnah avenue plots Y=2726 Best Market Prices 115 lac U=360 Best Market Prices 140 Almost final S=276 Best Market Prices 150 Lac S=115 Best Market
  • Sangar housing scheme gwadar phase 3 125 square yards plot rate Prices 135 Lac S=205 Best Market Prices 155 Lac W=234 Best Market Prices 135 Lac T=58 Best Market Prices 155 lac 150 feet road
  •  marine drive gwadar  back Q=746 Best Market Prices 142 Next to corner   9 TOWN C=366 Best Market Prices 72 LAC C=698 Best Market Prices 70
  • New airport Gwadar LAC C=219 Best Market Prices 68 LAC J 2700 Best Market Prices 43 Plot Number 50(all paid)60 fit road J 1958 Best Market
  • Sangar housing scheme gwadar phase 3 8 marla commercial plot for sale Prices 42(all paid)J 2202 Best Market Prices 37(all paid)J 3094 Best Market Prices 37(all paid) Lahore
  • new town commercial   Bank Alfalah Society. National Bank Society Files Required. LDA Avenue. Jubilee Town. AWT. Nespak. NFC. Wapda Town. PIA. Valencian. TIP. Fazaia. OPF. Chanar Bagh.
  • New town housing society King Edward. Bagh E Irum. Kakay Zai. Tariq Garden. DHA Rahber. Izmir Town. IEP. Atomic Energy.
  • padizer road gwadar Nasheman Iqbal. Central Park. Anmol Society. Punjab University. Bankers Avenue. Defence All Phases. Suigas. Plots   CORNER Sangar housing scheme phase 4 600 sq yard plot for sale SHOP FOR SALE   RENTED AT 72,000 PER MONTH 800 SQUARE FEET, Sanghar Gwadar Map SECOND FLOOR RAFAY MALL, PESHAWAR ROAD  Phase 5
  • L 614 Best Market Prices 210 10 Marla Phase Plot Number 7 DHA Lahore P _335    Best Market Prices 190 Sanghar Gwadar Map lac 24 Marla  cornerZ6 Plot Number  07 Best Market Prices 105 All Paid  societies near Gwadar airport

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Gwadar New Town, Singhar, DHA Files And Phase 6 Plots For Sale. For More Information 0321-9110991

New Town Gwadar Plot Prices

New Town Gwadar Plot Prices

New Town Society Gwadar Residential Plot Prices
1, Plot No. 305   Block B   Rate 50
2, Plot No. 315   Block B   Rate 59 corner 1 Kanal
New Town Society Gwadar 1 Kanal Plot Prices

2, Plot 282   Block D-E   Rate 284 lac  9 Marla
3, Plot 129   Block D-E   Rate 282 lac  9 Marla

Singhar Housing Scheme Gwadar Plots For sale

Singar Housing Scheme Gwadar Plots For sale

Singhar Housing Scheme Gwadar Residential Plots For sale
1, Street Jk,  lane jk 4  Plot no 11  600 sq. yards  Price 67 lac
2, Street Jk,  lane jk 3  Plot no 5  600 sq. yards Price 73 lac

DHA Lahore Phase 7 Plots For Sale, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal Possession 4 Marla Commercial, 10 Marla Files, Corner

DHA Files For Sale

1, DHA Lahore Phase 7 5 Marla Files For Sale
Phase 7  File  Rate 45 Lac Size 5 Marla

DHA Phase 8 Park View 1 Kanal Files For Sale
Park view File  Rate 141 Lac Size 1 Kanal

DHA Gujranwala 10 Marla Files For Sale
Gujranwala File  Rate 33 Lac Size 10 Marla

LDA City Lahore 1 Kanal Files For Sale
LDA City  File  Rate 38 Lac Size 1 Kanal

DHA Rahber Phase 2 4 Marla Commercial Files For Sale
Rahber Ph 2 Commercial File  Rate 211 Lac Size 4 Marla

1, DHA Lahore Phase 8 Park View Allocation Rate
DHA Lahore File  Market Rate 145 Lac Size 1 Kanal

2, DHA Lahore Phase 9 Ext Up Dated File Market Rate
DHA Lahore File  Market Rate 44 Lac Size 10 Marla

3, LDA City Lahore Up Dated File Market Rate
LDA City Lahore File  Market Rate 14 Lac Size 5 Marla

4, DHA Multan Ext Up Dated File Market Rate
Multan Ext File  Market Rate 59 Lac Size 1 Kanal

DHA Lahore Phase 6 Plots For Sale

Lahore DHA Phase 6 J Block Plots
695 Plot J Block  Demand 150 Lac Size 7 Marla
657 Plot J Block  Demand 145 Lac Size 7 Marla

Lahore DHA Phase 6 H Block Plots
10 Plot H Block Price 230 Lac Size 1 Kanal

Lahore DHA Phase 6 G Block Plots
158 Plot G Block Price 260 Lac Size 1 Kanal
503 Plot G- Block  Price 250 Lac Size 1 Kanal

Lahore DHA Phase 6 F Block Plots
79 Plot F Block Price 235 Lac Size 1 Kanal
55 Plot F Block  Price 230 Lac Size 1 Kanal

Lahore DHA Phase 6 D Block Plots
1245 Plot D Block  Demand 95 Lac Size 5 Marla
870 Plot D Block  Demand 112 Lac Size 7 Marla

Lahore DHA Phase 6 C Block Plots
76 Plot C Block  Demand 225 Lac Size 1 Kanal
984 Plot C Block  Demand 190 Lac Size 1 Kanal

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