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Airport Road Gwadar, Deals In all societies of Gwadar

Industrial Estate Gwadar Plots For Sale

Industrial Estate Gwadar 1 Acre Plot Prices

Industrial Estate Gwadar H Block Plot Rates
Block H   Plot Number 544  Market Rate 23 Lac
Block H   Plot Number 218  Market Rate 25 Lac
Block H   Plot Number 32  Market Rate 25 Lac

Industrial Estate Gwadar F Block Plot Rates
Block F  Plot 41  Rate 30 lac profit near coastal highway
Block F  Plot 136  Rate  35 lac profit corner 150 feet road

Industrial Estate Gwadar 2 Acre Plot Prices
Sector  Plot No. 55  Negotiable Demand 60 Lac
Sector A2   Plot No. 4  Negotiable Demand 62 Lac

Industrial Estate Gwadar 5 Acre Plot Prices
Sector  Plot No.  45  Negotiable Demand 130 Lac
Sector  Plot No.  19   Negotiable Demand 135 Lac
Block  Plot No. 4  Rate  180 lac, corner 5 acre

GIEDA Gwadar Commercial Plot For Sale

GIEDA Gwadar 400 Square Yards Plot For Sale
Sector  Plot No. 44  Negotiable Demand 15 Lac

GIEDA Gwadar 1000 Square Yards Plot For Sale
Sector  Plot No. 193  Negotiable Demand 62 Lac
Sector  Plot No. 120  Negotiable Demand 60 Lac

New Town Gwadar Plot For Sale

New Town Gwadar Phase 3 500 Square Yards Plot For sale
Block E  Plot Number 9   Negotiable Demand 60 lac
Block E  Plot Number 16   Negotiable Demand 64 lac corner

Gwadar New Town 666 Square Yards Commercial Plot Price
Block F   Plot Number 18  Asking Price 65
Block F   Plot Number 20   Asking Price 75  corner 60 feet road

Airport Road Gwadar Commercial 1000 Square Yards Rates
Block K  Plot 4  Price 350 lac
Block K  Plot 7  Price 375 lac, corner
Block J   Plot 5  Price  340 lac

New Town Gwadar Commercial Plot For Sale

Main Padizer Road Gwadar High Rise Commercial Prices
Block DE  Plot  77  Price  90 lac  222 square yard
Block DE  Plot 204  Price  90 lac   222 square yard
Block DE  Plot 167  Demand 97 lac 222 yards

Back Of Padizer Road  Gwadar High Rise Commercial Rate
Block DE  Plot 21  Price  65 lac  222 square yard
Block DE  Plot 246  Price  60 lac  222 square yard
Block DE  Plot 122  Demand 65 lac 222 yards commercial
Block DE  Plot 211  Demand 60 lac 222 yards commercial

Marine Drive Gwadar 222 Square Yards Plots For Sale
Block DE  Plot 198   Demand 110 lac, 222 yards
Block DE   Plot 144  Demand 65 lac

Singhar Society Gwadar Phase 3 Plot Prices
Plot No. 13   Street J K   lane J K / 12   Asking Price 127 lac 1000 Square yards

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Gwadar is becoming one of the hottest city of Pakistan mainly because of its port-free industrial zone Like which is around 38 kilometers from Main Jinnah Avenue. Yes, that is true; Gwadar port is now a free trade zone which means that all the trades and goods can be brought from a foreign country and will not be subjected to customs duty or taxes. and are also the best government projects

DHA Files Rates

DHA Rahbar Phase 2 5 Marla Files Rates

Asking Price 28.50 Lac Area 5 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Ext 10 Marla File Market Rates
Asking Price 36.00 Lac Area 10 Marla

1 Kanal File For Sale in Phase 8 Proper
Asking Price 135 Lac Area 1 Kanal

DHA Multan Phase 1 File Asking Price
Asking Price 36.30 Lac Area 10 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 7 File Market Rate
Asking Price 225 Lac Area 4 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 7 1 Kanal Plot For Sale               

DHA Lahore Phase 7 Possession Plot Number For Sale
866 Plot Number   U Block  Market Rate 125 Lac Status Possession
325 Plot Number   Z Block  Market Rate 165 Lac Status Possession

1691 Plot Number   U Block  Market Rate 122 Lac 
585 Plot Number   Z Block  Asking Price 155 Lac 
409 Plot Number   X Block  Asking Price 125 Lac 
03 Plot Number   R Block  Asking Price 180 Lac 
969 Plot Number   Y Block  Market Rate 118 Lac 
3282 Plot Number   Y Block  Market Rate 80 Lac Location 100 Feet Road

DHA Lahore Phase 7 2 Kanal Plot Number For Sale
1412 Plot Number   X Block  Market Rate 305 Lac 

DHA Lahore Phase 7 Corner Plot Number For Sale

382 Plot Number   Q Block  Asking Price 135 Lac Location Corner
962 Plot Number   Q Block  Market Rate 150 Lac Location Corner
1302 Plot Number   U Block  Market Rate 128 Lac  Location Corner
289 Plot Number   R Block  Market Rate 163 Lac  Location Corner

DHA Lahore Phase 7 10 Marla Plot Number For Sale
3634 Plot Number   Y Block  Market Rate 70 Lac 

Airport Road Gwadar
  • Macca city gwadar plot prices.  Plot Number D Best Market Prices Offer(5 Plot Number  Marla  Residential Plot)(All Dues Paid)  8 Marla  A 1763 Best Market Prices 92         Letter C 472
  • Al shams city gwadar commercial plot rate. Prices  103 lac Direct plots with meeting possibility  and papers availability   Phase 5   5 Bedrooms,   Drawing/Dining,   TV Lounge,   Imported
  •  FTBA gwadar plot price. Best Market Prices 127 lac   Ph9 Plot Number F Plot Number  1837  Plot Number 1 K Plot Number All Paid Best Market Prices  101 lac   Ph9 Plot
  • Al Noor cargo gwadar city plots kanals lawn Demand 14 crore final.Required Phase 5 Corner Plot with Excess Area Text your Direct options only with Meeting Possible Offer Required!
  • Al shams city gwadar plot rate. these all are private societies with good future we can also invest in them.
  • Marine drive 444 square yard plot prices 83 Plot Number CCA Best Market Prices Offer(4 Plot Number  Marla  Commercial Plot)(All Dues Paid)1508  Best Market Prices 105
  • GIEDA Gwadar 1 acre plots for sale  NOC Subedar D 1229 Best Market Prices 105    NOC Subedar   5 Marla  A 159    Airport Road Gwadar Best Market Prices 75     Letter A1065   Best Market Prices  63
  • Padizer road 440 commercial plot rates  Letter B 1129   Best Market Prices 72     Letter C 1487   Best Market Prices 77 f    Letter    CORNER D 2040   Best Market Prices 60      Letter E 415  Best
  • New town gwadar phase 2 500 square yards plot for sale Market Prices 53 f   cost of land E 771  Best Market Prices 60    cost of land E 774  Best Market Prices 57  Airport Road Gwadar  cost of land
  • Industrial estate Gwadar 1000 sq yard plot for sale   DHA PHASE 6   LAHORE  Commercial plots Direct Owner   9 Town CCA 05 840 lac Main 150″Road   9 Town E 400 340 lac
Marine drive Gwadar plot for sale
  • Corner  150 ft distance from main   bedian road lahore Opposite alfalah town Best for house / warehouse  Demand 4:
  • Jinnah avenue Gwadar 1 acre plot for sale  All Plots Direct With Meeting   Ph 9  Plot Number D Plot Number 395 Plot Number Army Update  Plot Number 106 lac   Ph9 Plot Number
  • GIEDA Gwadar 1000 square yards plot for sale  B Plot Number 338 Plot Number ADC Plot Number  Best Market Prices 116 lac Airport Road Gwadar  Ph9 Plot Number F Plot Number  05  Plot Number
  • Industrial Estate Gwadar 1 Acre Plots For Sale  1K Plot Number Aup Plot Number Number M Plot Number 325 Plot Number A Plot Number Up Best Market Kitchen,
  • New town gwadar phase 2 8 marla plot rate Servant Quarter,Store,Terrace At Front and in Middle,   Solid Construction,   Expensive Chandeliers,ACs,LED etc,
  • Jinnah avenue commercial plot rates  High Quality Sanitary Fittings and Materials used.   GREAT ARCHITECTURE AT A VERY REASONABLE AND LUCRATIVE PRICE.
  • Marine drive Gwadar 5 acre plot prices DEMAND 525 LAC.  DHA PH 7 R PENTA   FOR SALE PENTA plots in R block grey structure on 2 kanals and 3 Phase Plot Number 9 Town
  • New town gwadar phase 2 5 marla plot for sale  5 Marla      K 1810 Best Market Prices 49 All Paid    K 1889 Best Market Prices 49 All Paid    R 1237 Best Market Prices 42 All Paid
  • Marine drive Gwadar 1000 square yard plots for sale  J  2225 Best Market Prices 45f All Paid Corner/Facing 10 Marla   Airport Road Gwadar   J 1757 Best Market Prices 42f All Paid Near Park All Plots
  •  Industrial estate Gwadar 1000 sq yard plots for sale Direct With Meeting DHA PHASE 9 PRISM OR PRISM  AOA  Commercial plots 8 Marla  REQUIRED  PLOT PHASE 6
  • New town gwadar phase 2 125 square yards plot price TOKEN IN HAMD 1  Plot Number C BLOCK  300 TO 500 NUMBERING 2 E OR F BLOCK PRIME LOCATION 3 Plot Number
  •  GIEDA Gwadar 2 acre plot for sale  K BLOC 8 00 NUMBING  4 L BLOCK 1000 TO 1200 NUMBERING 5 Airport Road Gwadar M BLOCK 200 NUMBERING ONE DAY PAYMENT PRISM OVAL INNER 246
  • Jinnah avenue commercial Gwadar plot for sale  front of oval complex 425 lac   Superb location :   AOA Commercial plots    NISHMAN  E  IQBAL PHASE 2   294 / 295 B  Best Market Prices
  •  Industrial estate Gwadar 2 acre plot for sale 160 lakh   Full File papers available   Awt Raivind road   177 B  Best Market Prices  65 la Papers available  Dha Rehber
  • Jinnah avenue commercial Gwadar 3 acre plot price 517 M  Best Market Prices  48 final Dha Letter  217 K  Best Market Prices  49 final Dha Letter   Ph 8 Broadway Commercials   82 C  Best Market
  • New town gwadar phase 2 1 kanal plots for sale Prices  785 Ndc apply Parking  🏿   157 C  Best Market Prices  675 lac Ndc apply   44 C  Best Market Prices  725 Airport Road Gwadar  lac near parking   134 C  Best
  • Industrial estate Gwadar 2 kanal plots for sale Market Prices  715 lash   191 C  Best Market Prices  750 lac main back  241 C  Best Market Prices  1475 lac  / MB   211 C  Best Market
  • GIEDA Gwadar 2 acre plots for sale Prices  875 Parking   143/6 C  Best Market Prices  700 lc / 10  Marla    140/4 C  Best Market Prices  625   11  Marla    100 D  Best Market Prices
  • Marine drive commercial low budget plot prices  1090 lakh / Ndc apply   88 D  Best Market Prices  775 lac   117 D  Best Airport Road Gwadar Market Prices  740   108 D  Best Market Prices  725 / 60 road
  •  Marine drive 50 acre commercial plot rates  125 B  Best Market Prices  750   92 B  Best Market Prices  725 lac   165 B  Best Market Prices  800 / Corner main back   124 B  Best Market
  • GIEDA Gwadar 3 acre plot price  Prices  730   51 B  Best Market Prices  775   45 B  Best Market Prices  750 lac Airport Road Gwadar Ndc apply   89/27 B  Best Market Prices  625   7  A  Best Market Prices
  • Padizer road Gwadar 1 acre commercial plot rates 1125 Ring Road   153/3 A  Best Market Prices  750….6.5  Marla }   103   A  Best Market Prices  835 Ndc apply   4  Marla  Broadway   90/43 B
  • Jinnah avenue Gwadar 2 acre plot price Best Market Prices  255 Sasta  140/36 C  Best Market Prices  310 offer Req   197 D  Best Airport Road Gwadar Market Prices  315   216/11 B  Best Market
  •  Padizer road low budget plot rates Prices  350   90/9 B  Best Market Prices  409 Ndc apply   90/6  B  Best Market Prices  410  Corner   PHASE 8 Commercial   22 CCA1  Best Market
  • GIEDA Gwadar 1000 square yards plots for sale Prices  460 Lac Required offer   5 CCA1  Best Market Prices  500   6 CCA1  Best Market Prices  500   103 CCA1  Best Market Prices
  • Marine drive Gwadar 222 square yard plot for sale 550 Corner   8  Marla    40 CCA1  Best Market Prices  900   170 CCA2  Best Market Prices  900   Papers available all plots
  • Padizer road Gwadar 5 acre plot rates Commercial plaza for Rent & Sale Johar Town  Dha comm Plot for urgent sale   ph 8. CCA2 68 Best Market Prices offer(more options avail
  • GIEDA Gwadar 5 acre plot for sale   Ph5 comm A 4 Best Market Prices 390  9pr.CZ.1 Plot Number 232.4m Best Market Prices offer  Air avenue. L17 plaza
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