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Coastal Highway Gwadar, Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar, Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority Price, New Town Housing Society Gwadar Prices

Industrial Free Zone Gwadar Price

Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority 1 Acre Price

Plot No. 445   Block H   Market Rate 46 lac Size 1 Acre
Plot No. 350   Block F   Market Rate 60 lac Size 1 Acre

Block A    Plot Number 36   Negotiable Demand 58 lac
Block H    Plot Number 216  Negotiable Demand 57 lac

Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar Plot Price
Street J K   lane J K 12   Plot Number 13   Market Rate 132 lac 1000 Square Yards
Street J K   Lane J K 9   Plot Number 10   Market Rate 71 lac 600 Square Yards
Street H J   Lane J CV   Plot Number 3   Market Rate 182 lac 1000 Square Yards sea view facing

New Town Society Gwadar Prices

New Town Housing Society Gwadar Rates
Plot Number 154    Block H  Price 72 lac
Plot Number 252    Block A  Price 57 lac
Plot Number 159    Block A   Price 55 lac

Coastal Highway Gwadar Plots Prices
Plot 400 Square Yards commercial plot   Demand 29 lac
Plot 1000 Square Yards commercial plot   Demand  60 lac
2 kanal commercial plot     Demand  60 lac

Marine Drive Gwadar Plots Prices
commercial plot 9 Marla plot   Price 145 lac
1 acre commercial  plot   Price 175 lac final
Plot 444 square yard commercial     Price 250 lac
Plot 440 square yard commercial    Price 175 lac

Padizer Road Gwadar Plots Prices
Plot 222 square yard commercial    Price 70 lac
9 Marla commercial plot    Price 70 lac

Industrial Commercial Gwadar Plots Prices
1 acre plot     Rate 35 lac
Plot 4000 square yard plot   Rate 35 lac

Warehouse Commercial Gwadar Plots
plot 1 acre     Rate 50 lac
plot 4000 squre yard     Rate 50 lac
corner plot 1 acre      Rate 50 lac

There are several developmental plans that are in progress under Government of Balochistan and Federal Government that will open up new prospects and trading activities for investors all around the world.

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DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism P Block
484 Plot Number  P Block  Asking Price 114 LAC Status All Dues Paid civil 
295 Plot Number  P Block  Asking Price 122 Lac Location 80 rd 
893 Plot Number  P Block  Asking Price 121 Lac Location 80′ Road 

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism F Block
402 Plot Number  F Block  Asking Price 115 Lac Status All Dues Paid Location corner 
Plot Number  1620 Block   Negotiable Demand 110 lac Status All Dues Paid
Plot Number  610 Block  F  Negotiable Demand 110 lac Status All Dues Paid 

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism D Block
291 Plot Number  D Block  Asking Price 115 Lac Status All Dues Paid Location Golf Lane
425 Plot Number  D Block  Asking Price 120 Lac Status All Dues Paid Location Facing park 

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism Q Block
80 Plot Number  Q Block  Asking Price 122 Lac

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism L Block
1062 Plot Number  L Block  Market Rate 65 Lac Status All Dues Paid civil Size 10 Marla
1102 Plot Number  L Block  Market Rate 68 lac Status All Dues Paid F.P

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism L Block
966 Plot Number  J Block  Market Rate 45.50 Lac Status All Dues Paid
767 Plot Number  J Block  Market Rate 46 Lac Size 5 Marla
2634 Plot Number  J Block  Negotiable Demand 46 Lac Status All Dues Paid Size 5 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism C Block
517 Plot Number  C Block  Negotiable Demand 117 Lac Status All Dues Paid ARMY Coastal Highway Gwadar

Gwadar industrial estate development authority 2 acre plot prices

  • Gwadar Platinum City 250 square yards Plot Bin qasim city gwadar plot rate Number Asking Prices 10  Marla 2455  Updated Asking Price 7 Lac  263  Updated Asking Price 5 Lac Coastal Highway Gwadar
  • GDA Housing Scheme N o. 5 500 square yard Plot Numbers Number Asking Price. Final  575  Updated Asking Price 4 FTBA gwadar plots prices  756  8 lac 1204  10 lac  7 (corner) 11 lac Al Noor cargo city gwadar plot
  • Gwadar Marine drive open land for sale 109  79 lac 3 1252. Coastal Highway Gwadar 58 lac  747  52 lac.
  • GIEDA Gwadar phase 3 plot Creek arena Plot Numbers Number for sale 47  21 lac   287  8 lac 502  6 lac.  Gwadar industrial estate development authority 1 acre plot price
  • Gwadar Jinnah avenue Plot Number Market Rate 392 Updated Asking Price 85  lac 137 Updated Asking Price 110 lac 189 Updated Asking Price 90 lac cost of land.  New town housing society Gwadar 5 marla rates
  • New town housing society Gwadar 8 marla commercial prices Gwadar Jinnah avenue Industrial Plot Number Market Rate 155 Updated Asking Price 90 lac cost of land  143 Updated Asking Price 80 lac 101 Updated Asking Price 78 lac. Gieda gwadar download  Gwadar industrial estate development authority 1000 square yards plots for sale
  • Makran costal highway Asking Price 436 Updated Asking Price 110 lac  487 Updated Asking Price 105 lac 5 Marla Gwadar industrial estate development authority 2 acre plot for sale Plot Numbers Number 865 Updated Asking Price 35 lac. New town society Gwadar 5 marla rates
Gwadar industrial estate phase 3 commercial plot rate
  • Gwadar Coastal high way Asking Price  Number 72 Updated Asking Price 100 New town society Gwadar 8 marla commercial prices Number 1189 Updated Asking Price 41 Number 812 Updated Asking Price 35 Industrial free zone Gwadar 1 acre plots for sale
  • Coastal high way commercial Plot Number Asking Price.
    • China town gwadar 10 marla Plot Numbers Number 58 Updated Asking Price 7  98 Updated Asking Price 5   107 Updated Asking Price 12. Industrial free zone Gwadar 2 acre plot for sale
    • GDA bloan gwadar 4 acre Plot Number Asking Prices 8  Updated Asking Price  12 Number F/park Number 351 Updated Asking Price  9 Number 616  Updated Asking Price  9.  Gwadar industrial estate phase 3 commercial plots for sale
    • Gwadar Jinnah avenue 2 kanal Plot Number Asking Prices Number 618  Updated Asking Price  11  Number 1647  Updated Asking Price  11  Number week Number 629  Updated Asking Price  115. Gwadar industrial land rate
    • Gwadar Al Noor cargo city 2 kanal Plot Numbers Number Asking Prices  Number 643  Updated Asking Price  85 (corner Number 137  Updated Asking Price 50 2  Gwadar industrial estate development authority 3 acre plots for sale Number corner Number 879  Updated Asking Price 40
New town housing society Gwadar 1 kanal prices
  • GDA Industrial Scheme 3 gwadar 5 acre Plot Number for sale. Coastal Highway Gwadar
  • Bin qasim city gwadar plot rate. Phase 8 W  Gwadar industrial estate development authority 5 acre plot for sale  230 @ 285 f park Z 2.  123 @ 335 4 mrla. New town society gwadar plot price.
  • First of all Phase 6 F 118 @ 208 lac D 260 @ 235. Gwadar Industrial plots.  Coastal Highway Gwadar
  • Sangar Housing scheme gwadar plot price. E – 186 @ 110 Lakh 14 paid Army FTBA gwadar plots prices. New town housing society Gwadar 4 marla commercial for sale Most noteworthy Near Sector Park
  • New town housing society Gwadar 10 marla rates  Direct approach from  150 & 120 ft Roads Al Noor cargo city gwadar plot.

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