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GIEDA Gwadar
Think about the situation for a second that 67 countires will trade directly and rest of the counties will establish their industry in gwadar and will also trade indirectly. A huge volume of trade will occur in seconds. So gwadar industrial estate is the only option for such a great and hugest volume of activities.

If you built a warehouse in industrial estate Gwadar you will enjoy highest rental income for life time and even your children and grand children will enjoy this property. And always think about you that you are the hero of your family. I suggest you that immediately buy a plot in gwadar industrial estate and save your and your family future and become the real hero of your family. If you could not do so. After a decade your children will ask a question from you that why you could not take a proper decision on suitable time
GIEDA Gwadar plots for sale
H-709 @ 70 lac, corner 200′ wide road
H 731 @ 60 lac
H-234 @ 70 lac , corner 200′ wide road

Government of Blochistan Projects


GIEDA Gwadar Map

Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority Map

GIEDA Gwadar Map, gwadar industrial estate development authority map
GIEDA Gwadar Map, gwadar industrial estate development authority map, GIEDA Gwadar Map download, Industrial estate gwadar map

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GIEDA Gwadar Map

  • Gwadar Industrial estate map download. 3.Two kanal two pairs (total 8 k)front & back in Phase 6 E block or plot E – 944 / 19 to 944 / 24 OR.  Gwadar industrial estate map. 
  •  151 Price 62  57 Price 5  683 Price 66 corner 764 Price 55   196 Price 51  Industrial estate gwadar map download. 
  • Industrial estate plot for sale. 117 Price 5 135 Price 5  959 Price 5 1655 Price 5  1681 Price 6   211 Price 62  Gwadar GIEDA Map. 
  • Al shams city plot rate. 11 Offer Req  1001 Price 10   481 Price 15 (23 Marla)  114 Price 120   46 Price 15  
  • China Village plot price. 1040 Price 10 1048 Price 10   558 Price 120  42 Price 42   557 Price 110