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DHA Phase 8 Z Block Plots For Sale

DHA Phase 8 Plots For Sale

DHA Phase 8 T Block Plots For Sale

Block T   Plot 1190  Price 290   Size 1 Kanal  Location Cnr
Block T   Plot 783   Price 225  Size 1 Kanal
T   Plot 777   Price 225  Size 1 Kanal
  Plot 688   Price 190 lac   Size 1 Kanal

DHA Phase 8 V Block Plots For Sale
 Plot 201  Price 230  Size 1 Kanal 70 ft road
V  Plot 1291  Price 220 Size 1 Kanal

DHA Phase 8 X Block Plots For Sale
X  Plot 1025/04  Price 85 lac   Size 5 Marla

DHA Phase 8 U Block Plots For Sale
U   Plot 318   Price 290   Size 1 Kanal

DHA Phase 8 Y Block Plots For Sale
Y  Plot 448  Demand 75   Size 5 Marla

DHA Phase 8 W Block Plots For Sale
Block W  Plot 46   Price 283   Size 1 Kanal
W  Plot 454  Price 320 lac   Size 1 Kanal
W  Plot 597  Price 3   Size 1 Kanal corner

DHA Phase 8 Z Block Plots For Sale

1,DHA Phase 8 Z1 Block Plots For Sale
Z1  Plot 290   Price 130 lac   Size 1 Kanal   Status 4 Paid

DHA Phase 8 Z5 Block Plots For Sale
Z5  Plot 537  Demand 82   Status 5 paid

DHA Phase 8 Z6 Block Plots For Sale
Z6  Plot 564  Demand 73   Size 5 Marla Status all dues clear
Z6  Plot 847  Demand 82  Size 7 Marla  Status all duez clr

DHA Phase 8 Z2 Block Plots For Sale
Z2  Plot 93  Price 135 Size 1 Kanal  Status 5 paid
Z2  Plot 93  Price 135   Size 1 Kanal Status 4 paid

DHA Phase 8 Z3 Block Plots For Sale
Block Z3  Plot 211  Price 87   Status   Size 10 Marla four paid
Z3  Plot 382  Demand 93   Size 10 Marla   Status 4 paid 100 t road
Z3  Plot 424   Price 82 lac   Status c/f/l

DHA Phase 8 Z4 Block Plots For Sale
Z4  Plot 649  Price 62   Size 5 Marla  Status ADC
Z4  Plot 81  Demand 90 lac  Size 10 Marla  Status 5 P

DHA Phase 8 Plots For Sale, DHA Phase 8 Z Block Plots For Sale

Industrial Estate Gwadar Plot Rates

Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority Plot Rates

GIEDA Gwadar Plot Rates
1, Plot No. 446   Block / H   Demand 47 lac Size 1 Acre Plot
2, Plot No. 705   Block / H   Demand 47 lac Size 1 Acre Plot
3, Plot No. 62   Block / F   Demand 77 lac Size 1 Acre Plot
4, Plot No. 102   Block / H   Demand 43 lac Size 1 Acre Plot
5, Plot No. 403   Block / H   Demand 46 lac Size 1 Acre Plot
6, Plot No. 211   Block / H   Demand 52 lac Size 1 Acre Plot
7, Plot No. 31   Block / A   Demand 53 lac Size 1 Acre Plot
8, Plot No. 351   Block / F   Demand 61 lac Size 1 Acre Plot
Industrial Zone Gwadar Plot Rates

Singar Plot Prices, Marine Drive Gwadar Commercial Plot Prices, New Town Plot Prices, Air Port Road Plot Prices, Main Air Port Road Prices, DHA Phase 8 Z Block Plots For Sale

Marine Drive Gwadar Plot Prices

Back Of Marine Drive Gwadar Plot Prices
1, Commercial Plot Number 78   Block D_E   Best Price 155 lac
2, Commercial Plot Number 64   Block D_E   Best Price 168 lac
3, Commercial Plot Number 249   Block D_E   Best Price 155 lac
4, Commercial Plot Number 251   Block D_E   Best Price 155 lac
5, Commercial Plot Number 115   Block D_E   Best Price 135 lac
6, Commercial Plot Number 130   Block D_E   Best Price 145 lac

Singar Society Gwadar Residential Plot Prices

Singar Society Gwadar Plot Prices

Singar Society Gwadar Residential Plot Prices
1, Street J_k.  lane j_k 5   Residential Plot Number 11.   Best Price 50 lac
2. Street J_k.  lane j_k 9.   Residential Plot Number 5.   Best Price 65 lac
3. Street J_k.  lane j_k 6.   Residential Plot Number 7.   Best Price 58 lac
4. Street J_k.  lane j_k 8.  Residential Plot Number 9.   Best Price 59 lac
Singar Society Gwadar 2 Kanal Plot Price DHA Phase 8 Z Block Plots For Sale

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Property Dealers In Gwadar, Deals In all societies of Gwadar

If you are planning to buy yourself a luxurious property in the lands of Gwadar then certainly, Sanghar Housing Scheme is the one. Main reason for this is that the location of Sangar society is very ideal and breathtakingly beautiful as it has been built on a mountain called as Koh-e-Batil standing between the Gwadar port and deep sea. Sanghar housing society was developed by a private construction company named ‘Consultants Group’ in 1992 which was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Balochistan.


Nowadays, Gwadar is one of the hottest topic of discussion not only in Pakistan but all over the world. The main reason is Gwadar’s duty free zone and its deep sea port which comes under the authority of GIEDA (Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority). GIEDA was publicized in 2005 and it is responsible for dealing with all the industrial and development work in the city Gwadar. Industrial estate gwadar plot for sale

Property Dealers In Gwadar

Download Gwadar Master Plan

Download Gwadar Moza Map

Property Dealers In Gwadar

So Coastal high way gwadar plot rate. The Offer Kanal For Sale in the Heart of ‘A’ Block Demand Only 400 Lac. Opposite Industrial estate gwadar for sale. Hence Phase 2 block J size 5 marla. Industrial estate gwadar commercial for sale. As a result Marine drive gwadar plot rates. So builders is grateful to every estate agent who has worked hard in making this project a success. Hence The eye-catching project has not only been well known to clients and estate agents. New Town Housing Project commercial plot for sale. Finally Al noor cargo city gwadar plot price. Property Dealers In Gwadar

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