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DHA 9 Prism 10 Marla File For Sale
At Best Selling Rate 48.99 Lac Area 10 Marla

File For Sale Phase 10
At Best Asking Asking Price 55 Lac Area 1 Kanal

DHA Phase 8 Park View 1 Kanal File For Sale
At Best Selling Rate 166 Lac Area 1 Kanal

Gujranwala DHA 10 Marla File For Sale
At Best Selling Rate 37.85 Lac Area 10 Marla

DHA Rahbar Mouza Haloki 4 Marla Commercial File For Sale
At Best Selling Rate 215 Lac Area 4 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 7 1 kanal Plot Rate

DHA Lahore 9 Prism Plots Prices

DHA Lahore 9 Prism N Block Plots Prices
Sector N   Plot 559 At Lucrative Rate 135 lac Status Up Dated
Block – N   Plot 1086 Best Asking Rate 100 Lac Status Up to Date

DHA Lahore 9 Prism E Block Plots Prices
Sector E,   Plot 1040 Rate 100 Lac Status Up to date
Sector E   Plot No.665 Lucrative   Price 120 Lac Status Up to Date

DHA Lahore 9 Prism J Block Plots Prices
Sector J- Plot No 900 Best Price 47 Lac Status Up to Date
Sector – J Plot 1067  Best Price 46 Lac Status

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town Plots Rate

DHA Lahore 9 Prism L Block Plots Prices
Sector L   Plot Number 192 At Lucrative Rate 122 Lac All Dues Paid civil
Sector – L   Plot 1563 Best Price 77 Lac Status All Dues Paid

DHA Lahore 9 Prism Zone 3 Commercial Plots Prices
Sector – Zone 3 Plot 192 Best Price 350 Lac Status DHA Lahore 9 Prism Plots Prices

DHA Phase 9 Town Plot

DHA Phase 9 Town B Block Plot Number
Block B, Plot Number Number # 682 Best Asking Market Rate 70 Lac
Sector ! B Plot Number No. 1019 Lucrative Asking Price 67 Lac Size 5 Marla

DHA Phase 9 Town D Block Plot Number
Block D, Residential Plot Number # 516 Best Negotiable Demand 65 Lac Size 5 Marla
Block ! D Plot Number No. 1581 Best Market Rate 67 Lac Location Corner

DHA Phase 9 Town C Block Plot Number
130 Plot Number C Block  Market Rate 67 Lac Size 5 Marla
Sector – C Plot Number # 343 Negotiable Demand 74 Lac Location Facing Park

DHA Phase 9 Town A Block Plot Number
Block A, Residential Plot Number # 1536 Best Negotiable Demand 60 Lac
Block ! A Plot Number No. 1285 Best Market Rate 65 Lac

DHA Phase 9 Town E Block Commercial Plot Number
Sector – E Plot Number # 35 Negotiable Demand 390 Lac Size 4 Marla
Sector – E Plot Number # 317 Negotiable Demand 450 Lac Area 4 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 3 XX Block Plot Number
Block XX Plot Number 264/1 Best Asking Price 295 Lac
40 Plot Number   Block XX At Best Asking Asking Price 255 Lac

Gwadar Expo January 2018

Gwadar Exhibition 2018 is coming soon, Warmest welcome to participate in Gwadar Expo January 2018. Its Organized by COPHC and GPA. DHA Lahore 9 Prism Plots Prices

Naval Anchorage Gwadar

Naval Anchorage Gwadar file for sale 250/500 Sq/Yard full Paid files.
Do not miss the chance to getting a confirmed plots at reasonable prices on best locations and very easy monthly or quarterly installments plan.