DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town And Gwadar Open land Prices. For More Information 0321-9110991

1, DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town Plots Rate

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town Plots Rate

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town Corner Plots Rate
1, Block B    Plot 267    Price 75 lac corner 5 marla
2, Block B    Plot   805  Price   75 lac corner 5 marla
3, Block B    Plot 267    Demand 74    main’s back corner

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town C Block Plots Rate
1, Block C    Plot 786    Price 72
2, Block C    Plot 376    Price 75 lac   5 Marla  D/L
3, Block C    Plot 786    Price 75
4, Plot 207   Block C     Rate 77 lac
5, Block C    Plot 538    Demand  74 lac

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town B Block Plots Rate
Block B    Plot 725    Rate 67   5 Marla
Block B    Plot 725    Demand 68 Lac   5 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town 5 Marla Plots Rate

1,DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town D Block Plots Rate
1, Block D    Plot 51      Price   69 lac  5.75 marla
2, Plot 2148  Block D    Rate 62 lac letter
3, Block D    Plot 1717    Price 63 DHA Letter
4, Block D    Plot 747/15    Rate 65
5, Block D    Plot 591    Price 70 lac   5 Marla
6, Block D    Plot 731/2    Demand 65 Lac
7, Block D    Plot 1529    Demand 65 Lac
8, Block D    Plot 771   Demand 66 lac
9, Block D    Plot   495, 496  Demand  122 lac pair

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town A Block Plots Rate
Block A    Plot 59    Price 76
Block A    Plot 59    Demand 73 lac  5 Marla
Plot 337   Block A   Rate 75 lac letter

Block A Block prime location 50 feet Road
Demand 65 lac
Phase 9 Town 5 Marla allocation file As per market rate

Gwadar Open land Prices

Gwadar Land Prices

1. Gawadar Moza Ziarat Machi Sharqi 10 acer   Price 10 Lac/acer On GDA Proposed Road
2. Gawadar Moza Chatthi Janubi Back   Area 15.5 acer   Price 13 lac/acer
3. Gawadar Moza Pushkan 3 acer  Price 15 Lac  next to Navy boundary
4. Gawadar Moza Chatthi Shumali   Area 72 acer
5. Gawadar Moza Gumaro   Area  112 acer
6. Gawadar Moza Darbela   Area  35 acer
7. Gawadar Moza Rubar   Area  104 acer

Darbaila Janoobi Gwadar Plot Prices

Plot Darbaila Janoobi Size 3 Acre Dimension 1 Acre Front on Coastal Highway Price 65 Lac / Acre DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town C Block Plots Rate


Palm City Gwadar bookings are available – Palm City Gwadar Latest Files Rates
Palm City Gwadar NOC has been restored by Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) and the developers have been authorized by GDA.
Limited Palm City Gwadar Plots For Sale

1, Jinnah City Gwadar

Gwadar Jinnah City Society has got good location over there, its situated near by main road Makran Coastal Highway. Jinnah City Gwadar Plots for sale at very good prices and also available in very easy installment plan Jinnah City Gwadar Plot Price Plot No 6   Block 13 C Size 200 Yards Residential Plot Fully Paid

Bandi Gwadar Plot For Sale

Bandi Gwadar Area 38 Acre Dimension 1.5 Acre Front Coastal Highway
Price 12 Lac / Acre Gwadar Free Zone gradually moving towards development DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town C Block Plots Rate

Green Palm Gwadar

Green Palm Gwadar plots development restarts after NOC restoration. Development in Green Palm Gwadar Society is being carried out at full speed after the restoration of its NOC by GDA last month. Its located at very nice place on Makran Costal Highway which is very main road in Gwadar. Plot for sale Green Palm Gwadar at very Lucrative Price

Malak City Gwadar

Malak City Gwadar Plots available on 18 Months Schedule payments. 125 Square Yard ( 5 Marla ) 5,75,000 Advance 100,000 Monthly Installment 26,400
250 Square Yard ( 5 Marla ) 11,00000 Advance 200,000 Monthly Installment 50,000 This society  has very ideal location and approved by GDA. Malak City Gwadar Plot for sale on full payment and very easy monthly installment plans.

1, Hermain City Gwadar

Hermain City Gwadar Plots for sale in very low prices. This Society is approved by GDA. Hermain City 5 Marla Residential Plots booking on 1 Lac Down payment and 5000 monthly installment. Total amount of this plot is 6 Lac. DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town C Block Plots Rate

Hermain City Gwadar Commercial Plot Rate, very few plots are left behind. booking price of 5 Marla Commercial plot on 3 Lac and 15000 monthly payment and total amount is 18 Lac

For More Properties www.dhalahoreplotfile.com/property.com