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Gwadar is a third deep sea port in Pakistan after Port Karachi and Port Qasim.  Because of this Gwadar and its societies have become viable, vibrant and possess their own importance. Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) is working on Gwadar Main Roads Location. To make its full pace of developing residential and commercial zones in Gwadar.

Gwadar Main Roads

Reservoirs, link roads, water plants, rest houses, electricity supply, sewerage; everything comes under the umbrella of GDA.  Resources say that most of the developmental work and building infrastructures will be completed in a period of two years so that would help the industries to start their set up soon.

Government of Blochistan Projects


Gwadar Phase 1 Roads

  • Kulanch Avenue Gwadar
  • Kalmat Avenue Gwadar
  • Pasni Avenue Gwadar
  • Jiwani Avenue Gwadar
  • Ganz Avenue Gwadar
  • Jahalawan Avenue Gwadar
  • Rakhshan Avenue Gwadar

As you know that Gwadar is one of the largest deep sea ports in whole world and being in the mid of the world is what makes it so important. Because of the premium location and development projects, Gwadar will soon be transformed into a city that will be no less than any other luxurious and ultra-modern city like Singapore, Hong Kong or Dubai.

Gwadar Road Map 


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Pakistan Gwadar Road Map