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Pakistan DHA Lahore Documents Required for Transfer, DHA Lahore Transfer Procedure


DHA Lahore Documents from Seller:

  1. Allotment letter copy Or
  • Intimation letter copy Or
  • Transfer Letter(s) copy Or
  • Allocation letter copy
  1. National ID (CNIC) copy or Passport copy of owner

NDC form or No Demand Certificate

For non-possession plots seller has to sign NDC form which is the basic step involved in transfer to get the clearance from DHA.

Once the form is submitted, DHA gives a specific date for the issuance of transfer voucher and remaining dues.

DHA Lahore Transfer Expenses from Seller

Seller has to pay FBR which is 1% of the DC of property, if he is selling within 2 years of purchase.

Along with any remaining charges.

Site Plan Submission by Seller

For the possession plot, seller has to submit site plan as well to get the dimensions of plot and permission from DHA to construct house on it. DHA Lahore Transfer Procedure

Further Documents by Seller:
1. Copy of Site Plan for possession plot
2. Completion Certificate copy in case of building or house
3. Full payment Paid certificate named TIP for house or building from Cantt. Board
4. Lahore Cantt Board Property Tax receipts
5. Signed IT-15 form
6. Signed CVT-1 form

DHA Lahore Documents from Buyer
1. National ID card copy (CNIC) or passport copy
2. Passport sized pics (2)

DHA Lahore Transfer Expenses from Buyer

  1. Transfer and Membership fee
    3. 2% CVT of DC value
    4. 3% Stamp duty of DC value
    5. File making and Vendor charges
    Urgent Transfer:
    For urgent transfer seller has to submit a PKR 50/- stamp paper requesting for urgent transfer application on it, which will be signed by Director of transfer or record.


DHA will charge additional transfer fee for this.

DHA Lahore Hiba Transfer
Blood relation buyer and seller can only do Hiba transfer.

DHA Lahore Legal Heir Transfer
After the death of the owner of plot Legal Heir transfer can be done.

Initial Documents
1. Owner’s Death certificate
2. Old Allotment letter
3. Owner’s CNIC copy
4. 2 passport size pictures

DHA Lahore Foreign Transfer – Seller Abroad
In case the seller is not in Pakistan, foreign transfer can be done. DHA Lahore Transfer Procedure

Initial Documents
1. All up-mentioned documents must be signed by owner and attested by embassy
2. Passport copy Embassy attested
3. Visa copy Embassy attested
4. CNIC copy Embassy attested
5. Exit/Entry stamp

Foreign Transfer – Buyer Abroad
If buyer is out of country and unable to come.

Documents Required
1. 2 pas port size  pictures
2. Copy of Passport
3. Copy  of Visa
4. Copy  of CNIC
5. Exit/Entry stamp copy
6. Details of Nominated Person (can be anyone)

DHA Lahore Transfer Procedure