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Sanghar Gwadar Plots For Sale

Sanghar Gwadar 600 Square Yards Plot Prices
Plot No. 2   Street J k   lane j k 3   Market Rate 67 lac
Plot No. 3   Street J k  lane j k 4   Market Rate 65 lac

Sangar Housing Project Gwadar 1000 Square Yard commercial plot for sale
Plot No. 3   Street AB   Lane AB2   Asking Price 250 lac
Plot No. 7   Street AB   Lane AB2   Asking Price 220 lac

New Town Gwadar Phase 1 Plot For Sale

New Town Gwadar 500 Square Yards Plot Rate
Block J    Plot Number Number 118   Asking Price 53 corner
Block K   Plot Number  Number 22   Asking Price 39 lac

Air Port Road Gwadar Plot Prices
Block G  Plot No. 19   Negotiable Demand  375 lac  1000 sq. yards

Government of Blochistan Projects

Gwadar Master Plan Download 


Gwadar master plan map pdf

Download Gwadar Master Plan

Gwadar moza Map
Gwadar moza Map, Gwadar development authority maps, Gwadar master plan 2019 pdf

CPEC is a blessing of God to Pakistan, CPEC will change the economic environment of Pakistan. It will have positive impact on living standard of Pakistani nation. Per capital income will also increase. Gwadar is going to become international hub for whole world. I strongly suggest you that you should invest in Gwadar for higher return and for safety of your and your family future.
Invest in gwadar and save your future. Your one wise decision can change you life style.
Gwadar will become soon a progressive city than Hong Kong , UAE and Singapore.

These commercial plots are for high rise building. this industrial estate. In conclusion GREEN PALMS HOUSING SCHEME is one the best residential and commercial project in Gwadar. In addition Marine drive plots price. GREEN PALMS HOUSING SCHEME is located on Port Road Gwadar.

Download Gwadar Moza Map

DHA Lahore Phase 6 Plot For Sale

DHA Lahore Phase 6 K Block Plot Number For Sale
7  Plot Number  Block K  Asking Price 195 lac  Size 2 Marla
449 Plot Number  Block K  Asking Price 255 LAC  
9  Plot Number  Block K  Asking Price 650 lac  Size 44.5 marla  Location corner 100’80

DHA Lahore Phase 6 B Block  Plot Number For Sale
284  Plot Number  Block B  Asking Price 242 lac  

DHA Lahore Phase 6 F Block Plot Number For Sale
538/2+3  Plot Number  Block F  (pair)  Asking Price 360 lac  

DHA Lahore Phase 6 D Block Plot Number For Sale
585 Plot Number  Block D  Asking Price 235 lac 
267 Plot Number  Block D  Negotiable Demand 252 lac  

DHA Lahore Phase 6 E Block Plot Number For Sale
466 Plot Number  Block E  Negotiable Demand 230 LAC  
1802 Plot Number  Block E  Negotiable Demand 75 lac  Size 5 Marla
699 Plot Number  Block E  Negotiable Demand 435 lac  Size 2 kanal

DHA Lahore Phase 6 J Block Plot Number For Sale
85 Plot Number  Block J  Negotiable Demand 255 lac  

DHA Lahore Phase 6 C Block Plot Number For Sale
884 Plot Number  Block C  Negotiable Demand 220 Lac  
315 Plot Number  Block C  Market Rate 255 lac  

DHA Lahore Phase 6 G Block Plot Number For Sale
332 Plot Number  Block G  Market Rate 245 lac  

DHA Lahore Phase 6 A Block Plot Number For Sale
157 Plot Number  Block A  Market Rate 240 lac   Location next To corner

DHA Lahore Phase 6 L Block Plot Number For Sale
875 Plot Number  Block L  Market Rate 198 lac  
470 Plot Number  Block L  Market Rate 195 lac  
632 Plot Number  Block L  Market Rate 158 lac  Size 10 Marla

New town phase 5 plots for sale

  • FTBA commercial plot. 68  Price 40  76 Price  19 941  Price  18   381  Price 35 (70′ corner) 130  Price 30 Corner  173  Price  17 16  Price  55 with Gwadar master plan 2019 D/L corner Phase 6 H 26  Best Market Prices 245 All plot direct paper
  • Jinnah avenue high rise plot rate.  876  Price  66 army update 196  Price  60 final 2 paid civil  71  Price  4 1 p paper 180  Price  9 2 p papers Gwadar master plan pdf. papers/documents available _PIA SOCIETY LHR_ Block House for Rent, 
  • New world city phase 2 plot price.  486 Price 4  118 Price 7  2179 Price 5  306 Price 35   Price 5 (2 k. 7 T Plot Number 555  Best Market Prices  70” feet road 130 lac final T Plot
  • Sangar Housing scheme plot rate.  265  Price 25   2633  Price 30 105  Price 40  261 Price  80 378  Price  75 Gwadar port master plan main and no poll DB D 105  Best Market Prices  400 final Facing mastoid and All Gwadar Master Plan Download. 
  •  GIEDA Gwadar 663 Plot Number M Best Market Prices Offer(One Kanal Residential Plot)(M Plot Number Ext) Gwadar Master Plan Download (Non Plot Number Possession)1065 Plot Number A Best Market Prices
  • marine drive plots price Offer(One Kanal Residential Plot)(Army Update)601 Imperial Plot Number 1 Best Market Prices 55 Lac(5 Plot Number  Marla  Residential Plot)
  • Sangar housing project phase 2 commercial plots for sale Ph 9 Zone 1 9 10.25 cror 8  Marla  Main 150″Road   Ph9 O C 115 390 lac 4 Marla    Ph9 O C 215 490 lac Inner Circle   Ph9 Zone 2 74 699 lac 8 Marla  Urgent required :One day payment Phase 7
  • New town gwadar phase 5 250 square yards plots for sale Y  ,W,V,Q B 70 Best Market Prices 115 paid civil update J 1695 Best Market Prices 42 paid update 9 town B 435 Best Market Prices 70 D/L
  • Sanghar Gwadar 8 marla plot for sale corner A 575 Best Market Prices 73 available Phase 5 100% confirm D 48
Sangar Housing scheme plot rate
  • Best Market Prices  430 final Back of no poll no DB A 375  Best  Sanghar Gwadar 500 square yards plots for sale  Market Prices  485 with 5.25 excess and no poll no DB Phase 5 Plaza  Plot Number
  • New town phase 3 commercial plot for sale 4 m  Plot Number 1600  Plot Number F.P  Plot Number  rent 3.75 lac Phase 6 M B  Plot Number  Plaza  Plot Number   293 Plot Number 4 m  Plot Number  1000
  • Sangar housing project gwadar phase 2 1 kanal commercial plot for sale Plot Number  rent 4.25 lac CCA  Plot Number 1 Plot Number  156  Plot Number  8 m  Plot Number  1450 CCA  Plot Number  1
  • New town gwadar phase 3 4 marla commercial plot price Plot Number  137  Plot Number  4 m  Plot Number Gwadar Master Plan Download  575 Phase Number 1720  Best Market Prices  260 lac facing park T Plot Number 1731  Best Market Prices  260 lac main Gwadar master plan map.

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