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Gwadar Industrial Estate Plot For Sale

Industrial Zone Gwadar 1 Acre Plot Prices
Block H   Industrial Plot 321  Market Rate 25 Lac
Block H   Industrial Plot 619  Market Rate 22 Lac
Block H   Industrial Plot 168  Market Rate 24 Lac
Block F   Industrial Plot 433  Market Rate 32 Lac

Industrial Zone Gwadar 2 Acre Plot Prices
Block J   Industrial Plot 43  Market Rate 50 Lac
Block A2   Industrial Plot 40  Market Rate 60 Lac

Gwadar Industrial Zone 5 Acre Plot Prices
Block G   Industrial Plot 86  Market Rate 135 Lac
Block C   Industrial Plot 43  Market Rate 140 Lac

Gwadar Industrial Estate Phase 1 Commercial Plot For Sale

Gwadar Industrial Estate 200 Square Yard Plot Prices
Block S   Commercial Plot 204  Asking Price 15 Lac

Gwadar Industrial Estate 600 Square Yard Plot Prices
Block S   Commercial Plot 159  Asking Price 62 Lac
Block E   Commercial Plot 140  Asking Price 60 Lac

Gwadar New Town Plot For Sale

New Town Gwadar 1 Kanal Plots For Sale
Plot Number 150   Block E   Market Rate 47 corner near airport road
Plot Number 101   Block E    Market Rate 55  corner
Plot Number 310   Block E   Market Rate 49 lac

Sanghar Housing Schemes Gwadar Plot Prices

Singhar Gwadar 1000 Square Yards Plot For Sale
Street H J lane H 9/A   Plot No. 4   Asking Price 110 Lac main road facing golf course
Street Q R, lane Q/4 A,   Plot No. 8  Asking Price 100 lac near park
Street P Q, lane P/6 A   Plot No. 9  Asking Price 90 lac

Singhar Gwadar 400 Square Yards Plot For Sale
Street  Op-7   Lane J-K   Plot Number 15   Market Rate 42 lac

What is CPEC ?

129 countries of Asia, Europe and Africa has decide to become the part of CPEC directly or indirectly. And expected that 1000 billion dollars will be invested in gwadar in next 10 to 15 years. Pakistan is the gateway of CPEC. The countries who want to become the part of one belt one road attended the forum held in china. And now these countries are busy in  preparing projects for gwadar in which projects they want to invest. Pakistan’s prime minister Mian Nawaz sharif also attended the one belt one road forum held in china.
We saw that poorest countries of Africa and richest counties like America and UK attended the meeting.

Government of Blochistan Societies

In you didn’t invested in gwadar your children will ask a question from you that PAPA where you were? When gwadar was establishing , when gwadar was prospering , why you could not took appropriate decision at that time.

Gwadar Housing Schemes

GIEDA Gwadar Map

Sanghar Gwadar Map

New Tow Society Gwadar Map

Gwadar Master Plan

Creek city gwadar plot rate. An other project is highly recommended is New town this society is located in the heart of Gwadar. Padizer road gwadar plot prices., Gwadar Housing Schemes, China town gwadar plot price. Industrial estate gwadar plots. Most of all So Seems like Therefore GDA 5 gwadar plot rates.

DHA Lahore 1 Kanal File Prices

DHA Lahore Phase 7 1 Kanal File Market Rate

 Market Rate 79 Lac Size 1 Kanal

DHA Phase 5 M Block Affidavit File
Market Rate 60 Lac Size 5 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town 4 Marla Commercial
Market Rate 295 Lac Size 4 Marla

DHA Peshawar 1 Kanal File Asking Prices
Market Rate 57 Lac Size 10 Marla

LDA City Lahore 10 Marla Affidavit File
Market Rate 24 Lac Size 10 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 7 1 Kanal Plot Number For Sale 1 And 2 kanal Plot Number. Phase 6 Plot Number 1 And 2 Kanal.

DHA Lahore Phase 7 1 Kanal Plot Number For Sale

Block Z 1   Residential Plot 649   Asking Price 155 Lac
Block Z 1   Residential Plot  259-60 Pair    Asking Price 385 Lac 150 Feet road

Block X   Residential Plot  301   Asking Price 120 Lac
Block X   Residential Plot  374   Asking Price 137 Lac

Block  T   Residential Plot  844/10  Asking Price 115 Lac
Block  T   Residential Plot  326    Asking Price 145 lac

DHA Lahore Phase 7 2 Kanal Plot Number For Sale
Block  X   Residential Plot 1364   Asking Price 300 Lac

DHA Lahore Phase 7 10 Marla Plot Number For Sale
Block – Y   Residential Plot 3971   Asking Price 73 Lac   10 M
Block – Y   Residential Plot 3715   Asking Price 73 Lac   10 M

Gwadar industrial estate plots for sale
  • China town gwadar plot price CCA5 31  Best Market Prices  270 All Dues Clear CCA 5 60  Best Market Prices  275 Corner CCA5 79  Best Market Prices  285 Corner CCA 5 80  Best Market
  • Creek arena commercial plot for sale Prices  295 CCA5 62  Best Market Prices  295 CCA 5 155 Best Market Prices Gwadar Housing Schemes  265 CCA5 160 Best Market Prices  270 CCA 5 223 Best Market
  • Prices  230 CCA 5 210 Best Market Prices  230 Broadway gwadar Industrial plot rate
  • Com A 114/8  Best Market Prices  675  8.5  Marla A 153/2  Best Gwadar Industrial zone Gwadar 1 acre plot for sale Market Prices  7256  Marla  53 Sq ft Q 92    Best Market
  • FTBA Gwadar 500 square yard plot rate Prices  125 Lac All paid R 2601  Best Market Prices  51 Lac all paid K 1245  Best Market GDA 3 Gwadar  Prices  52.50 Lac All paid J 315  Best
  • Green palms Gwadar 125 square yard residential plot prices Market Prices  50 Lac All paid Ph 9 Town:E 123  Best Market Prices  62 Lac final B 952  Best Market Prices  65 Lac noc
  • FTBA Gwadar 8 marla plot prices Dha IVY Green Sector Z Ph s 85 Plot Number  Marla  Army Allotted Plots Sale And Purchase Dha Ph s 11 Rahbar 5
  • GDA 5 gwadar plot rates Plot Number  Marla  8 Plot Number  Marla Army Allotted Dha Latter Plots Sale And Purchase
  • GIEDA Schemes Gwadar Dha p h 11 Haloki Gardan 5 Plot Number  Marla  8 Plot Number  Marla Army Balloted Dha Latter Plots Sale And Purchase
  • Gwadar Al noor 5 marla plots for sale DIRECT PLOT FOR SALE DHA LAHORE PHASE 6 J 286  Best Market Prices  295 FINAL (NO DP & POLE)PHASE 7 W 738  Best Market Prices  158
  • Gwadar Al noor 500 sq yards plots for sale NEAR GOLF COURSE  Urgent Requirement!Commercial & Residential CCA Plot Number 5 Phase Plot Number 7(4 Plot Number
  • Gwadar creek city 10 marla plots for sale Marla Commercial Plot)(Preference Corner)One Kanal Residential Plot Phase Plot Number 7(Budget : 125 Lac)Note : Please share direct
  • Gwadar creek city 1 kanal plots prices plots only 38 Plot Number F,Ph 1, DHA, LHR. Asslam o allakum sir How are you?I urgent required a plot in DHA phase 8 Block S
  • Industrial zone Gwadar 3 acre plot price  cheap price 0n satiation and phase 7 pair plots w s p v sectors If you are interested to sell your plot pleas let me Know BRAND NEW HOUSE;
 Industrial zone Gwadar 1 acre plots for sale
  • Kings Park commercial plot price FOR SALE,With Owner,PHASE 6,Block “G”,House No 121,MOST IDEALLY LOCATED,VERY EASY APPROACH,150″ ROAD BACK,5 Bedrooms,
  • Gwadar GDA Bloan 500 square yards plot price Drawing/Dining,TV Lounge,Imported Kitchen,Servant Quarter,Store,Terrace At Front and in Middle,Solid Construction,Expensive
  • Gwadar industrial estate 1 kanal plot rates Chandeliers,ACs,LED etc,High Quality Sanitary Fittings and Materials used.GREAT ARCHITECTURE AT A VERY REASONABLE
  • Gwadar industrial estate 125 square yard plot for sale AND LUCRATIVE PRICE.DEMAND 525 LAC.HOUSE FOR SALE;With Owner,PHASE 2,Block “W”,VERY EASY APPROACH,5 Bedrooms,Drawing/Dining,TV
  • gwadar housing schemes Lounge,Newly Renovated Kitchen,Servant Quarter,Store,Spacious Terrace Solid Construction,TWO SIDE OPEN,DEMAND 425 LAC.
  • Gwadar GDA Bloan 5 marla plot prices Commercial plots Direct Owner 9 Town CCA 05 840 lac Main 150″Road 9 Town E 400 340 lac Corner Ph9 Zone 1 9 10.25 crore 8  Marla  Main 150″Road
  • Gwadar Industrial zone Gwadar 1 acre plots for sale Ph 9 O C 115 390 lac 4 Marla Ph 9 O C 215 490 lac Inner Circle Ph 9 Zone 2 74 699 lac 8 Marla  All Plots Direct With Meeting Ph 6 C 157 275 lac
  • Gwadar Industrial zone Gwadar 2 acre plot for sale No db,No Pol Level Plot Ph 6 N 376 210 lac Ph 6 N 368 208 lac Ph6 F 69    220 lac Ph 7 Z 2 1738 97 lac Possession Plot Ph 7 Z1 356 135 lac
  • Creek arena commercial plots for sale Possession Plot Ph 7 Y 1563  120 lac Ph  Y 2104  100 lac Ph 7 X 1527  92 lac Direct Inventory Phase Plot Number 510 Plot Number D Best Market Prices
  • Creek arena Gwadar 4 marla commercial plot price Offer(Main 120′ Road)(One Kanal Residential Plot)Phase Plo t Number 626 Plot Number A Best Market Prices Offer(4 Plot Number  Marla  Commercial Plot)
  • Gwadar savaira city 1 kanal plots price 153 CCA Plot Number 1 Best Market Prices Offer(8 Plot Number  Marla  Commercial Plot)Phase Plot
  • gwadar port investment price Number 74 Plot Number Marla Commercial File(Affidavit)  Best Market Prices  Offer(Sangatpura)Phase Plot Number 9 Prism Dha lahore phase 7
  • Gwadar new town 8 marla commercial plots for sale urgent required pair plots and one kanal in reasonable price And Al flah society file kanal and 10  Marla Kindly Add my number in your whats app group here Expert’s
  • Gwadar industrial estate 8 marla plot rate Kindly Add these numbers in your whats app group Signature Gwadar Housing Schemes Properties 120 yard Dem 55 Stat bank 17 a 200 yard less Dem 12 Main Gate
  • Gwadar industrial estate 500 square yard plots for sale of DHA Quetta Earth breaking_  will be held on 29 Th April 19, by Chief Minster or Governor Ben. Formal launching on 19 June 19 Likely profit /return is
  • Gwadar Industrial zone Gwadar 3 acre plot prices charming 50% increase in limited time.Good for two years investment .Regards.Direct Sale Meeting possible Phase 8 Z 6 177 1k  Best
  • New Town Housing Schemes Gwadar Market Prices 105 All Paid Y 731  1 k 596 sq ft  Best Market Prices 145 Excess Paid Y 450 5 m  Best Market Prices 56 transfer after Eid marine drive gwadar commercial Z 2 …. 2k  Best Market Prices 195 \
  • Kings Park Gwadar 5 marla commercial plot price 100 f road 9 Tow B 1596 5 m  Best Market Prices 55 DHA Rehber D 159 10 m  Best Market Prices 100
  • New Town gwadar commercial plot DHA Bahawalpur A 918 1k  Best Market Prices  33.50 Required
  • Industrial zone Gwadar 2 acre plot for sale Phase 85,8,10  Marla ,1 Kanal in Y block Captain 240 yard 110 extra land yard corner Dem 190 Air crew commercial 100 yard fem 160 Pisa 240 yard
  • Sangar Housing scheme gwadar plot prices Dem 1 cor Aymara 120 q1 Dem 55 S 3 400 yard Dem 136 U 3 260 yard corner Dem 146B 13  Best Market Prices  18 Crore B 46  Best Market Prices  8 Crore
  •  Gwadar new town 4 marla commercial plot for sale B 190  Best Market Prices  540 C 44  Best Market Prices  750 Crore C 83  Best Market Prices  750 C 156  Best Market Prices  725 D 87 Gwadar Housing Schemes Best Market Prices  750 8  Marla

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