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Padizer Road Gwadar, Industrial Estate Gwadar Plot For Sale, New Town Gwadar Plots For Sale, Sanghar Gwadar Plot For Sale

Industrial Estate Gwadar Plot For Sale

Industrial Estate Gwadar 1 Acre Plot Prices
Plot No. 101   Block H   Market Rate 25 lac
Plot No. 210   Block H   Market Rate 24 lac
Plot No. 30   Block A   Market Rate 24 lac

Industrial Gwadar 1 acre plot   Demand 25 lac
Industrial 4000 square yard plot   Demand 25 lac

Warehouse Gwadar plot 1 acre   Demand 24 lac
Warehouse plot 4000 squre yard   Demand 23 lac
Warehouse corner plot 1 acre   Demand 24 lac

Sanghar Gwadar Plot For Sale

Sanghar Housing Project Gwadar Commercial Plot Prices

Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar Phase 4 Plots For Sale
Sanghar Gwadar CV 1000 square yard  Price   220
Sanghar 1000 square yard  Price   220
Sanghar 2 kanal  Price   220

Sanghar Housing Project Gwadar Residential Plot Prices

Sanghar Housing Scheme Gwadar Phase 1 1000 Sq Yard Plots For Sale
Plot No. 3   Street RS Lane N-V~RS  Asking Price 192 lac corner facing PC
Plot No. 5   Street RS Lane R~7A   Asking Price 132 lac  near PC

Coastal High Way Commercial Plot Price

 Plot No. 12 Asking Price 109 Lac 1000 Square Yards

 Plot No. 28   Negotiable Demand 130 lac  2 Kanal  Old cutting  222 square

corner Price 145 lac

Coastal highway 1000 square   Rate 60 lac
Coastal highway 2 kanal  Demand 60 lac


New Town Gwadar Plots For Sale

New Town Gwadar Residential Plots For Slae
Block   Plot Number 21   Price 48 lac
Block C   Plot Number 31   Price  60 lac
Block C   Plot Number. 44   Price  56 lac


New Town Gwadar Commercial Plots For Sale
Padizer road Gwadar 222 square yard   Rate 70 lac
Padizer road Gwadar 9 Marla  Rate 70 lac

Marine drive   plot 9 Marla  Price  145 lac
Marine drive 1 acre   Rate 175 lac


Download Gwadar Roads Map

Download Gwadar Master Plan

Gwadar has been renowned as a small and quiet fishing town for a time now, located at the core of one of the most aspiring development projects in the continent, known as Pakistan China Economic Corridor or CPEC.  (GIE), Balochistan Bostan Gwadar and Khuzdar districts Gwadar falls under CPEC. Padizer Road Gwadar

DHA File Prices

DHA Phase 9 Extension File Asking Prices

Market Rate 27 Lac Size 5 Marla

DHA Phase 8 Proper File Asking Prices
Market Rate 143 Lac Size 1 Kanal

DHA Gujranwala File Asking Prices
 Market Rate 27 Lac Size 10 Marla

LDA City 1 Kanal File Asking Prices
Market Rate 38 Lac Size 1 Kanal

DHA Lahore Phase 7 Commercial File Prices
Market Rate 238 Lac Size 4 Marla Padizer Road Gwadar

DHA Phase 9 Prism Plot Prices

DHA Phase 9 Prism N Block Plot Asking Prices

173 Plot Number   E Block   Market Rate 100 Lac    Status All Dues Paid
511 Plot Number   E Block   Market Rate 109 Lac   Status All Dues Paid
56 Plot Number   C Block   Asking Price 130 Lac   Status Up to Date

DHA Phase 9 Prism N Block Plot Asking Prices
1017 Plot Number   N Block   Market Rate 90 Lac    Status All Dues Paid
19 Plot Number   N Block   Market Rate 91 Lac    Status All Dues Paid

DHA Phase 9 Prism 10 Marla Plot  Asking Prices
1306 Plot Number   L Block   Market Rate 72 Lac  Status  All Dues Paid
1738 Plot Number   K Block   Market Rate 72 Lac  Status All Dues Paid
1618 Plot Number   C Block   Market Rate 68 Lac    Status All Dues Paid

DHA Lahore Phase 7 1 kanal Plot Asking Prices

12 Plot Number   T Block  Asking Price 160 Lac Location 150 Feet Road
974 Plot Number   T Block  Asking Price 140 Lac 

602/1 Plot Number   R Block  Asking Price 165 Lac 
1167 Plot Number   R Block  Asking Price 135 Lac 

634 Plot Number   W Block  Market Rate 185 Lac 
1172 Plot Number   W Block  Market Rate 165 Lac 

DHA Lahore Phase 7 4 Marla Commercial Plot Number Asking Prices
47 Plot Number   CCA 4 Block  Market Rate 275 Lac Size 4 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 7 Y Block Plot Number Asking Prices

80 Plot Number   Y Block  Market Rate 170 Lac Location Facing Park
2328 Plot Number   Y Block  Market Rate 135 Lac  Location 100 Feet Road
3282/16 Plot Number   Y Block  Market Rate 84 Lac  Location Corner

DHA Lahore Phase 7 Commercial Plot For Sale

DHA Lahore Phase 7 4 Marla Commercial Plot For Sale

CCA 4   Commercial Plot No. 133   Asking Price 320 Lac
CCA 4   Commercial Plot No. 94   Asking Price 300 Lac
CCA 1   Commercial Plot No. 41    Asking Price 450 lac
CCA 4   Commercial Plot No. 233   Asking Price 350 lac 

1 Kanal Plot Number For Sale DHA Lahore Phase 6
Sector M   Residential Plot Number 67  Price 220 lac

2 Kanal Plot Number For Sale DHA Lahore Phase 6
Sector G   Residential Plot Number 407+ 408  Price 515 Lac pair

Padizer Road Gwadar

  • Balochistan Bostan Gwadar 462/3  Price 78 lac  661   Price 60 lac  1512 Price 45/lac 08 5 Marla Price 61/lac  Gwadar Industrial zone phase 1 1 acre rates. Phase 7 Urgent Sale Plot no 1050 Block V @ 130.
  • Gwadar Industrial zone plot rates.  225 @ 128 2 paid civil. Royal garden gwadar plot price. Rahber 4 marla 8 marla affidavit /allocation. Gujranwala 10 marla 1 kanal affidavit /allocation.
  • Coastal high way commercial plot for sale DHA Lahore Phase 9 prism. U 639…140 lac… Urgent required 2 kanal House phase 1 to 5…budget 750 lac… DHA Phase 9 prism. T=69- 1 St floor @ 132  GIEDA Gwadar phase 3 commercial plot rate
  • Coastal high way Gwadar 2 kanal plot prices T = 28- 4th floor @ 115 lac 11 -B= 10* M House 4*Bed @ 188 lac.  GIEDA Gwadar phase 3 rate
  • DHA Lahore Phase 9 prism download. *House For Rent* Phase 5  block E 1
  •  Gwadar industrial estate phase 3 2 acre price kanal Full House 5 bedrooms with attached bathrooms.  Therefore DHA lahore phase 9 Plot Number Asking Prices.
  •   Industrial estate Gwadar 1 acre plot for sale
  • Moza *( Malik Pura )* Moza * ( Shev Pura )* DHA Phase 9 prism download.
  • Gwadar Industrial zone plot rates
  • TV LOUNGE kitchen Drawing room store  Rent Negotiable Demand 380 Lac DHA Lahore Phase 9 , Harmain city gwadar DHA Lahore Phase 9 download.
  • Drawing Dinning very large TV.  block E 1 kanal Full House 5 bedrooms with attached bathrooms. Drawing Dinning very large TV. Industrial estate Gwadar 2 acre plot rates
 Sanghar Gwadar plot for sale
  • DHA Lahore Phase 9 DHA lahore phase 9 prism Plot Numbers Number. Negotiable Demand Rs 85 lac. Want any good offer. *Insha Allah 100 % Direct & Confirm Options With Papers*  Industrial estate Gwadar 5 acre plot for sale
  • Makran costal highway plot for sale *Meeting Will Be Possible*. 8 MARLA Valancia Homes double store independent 3 bedrooms kitchen store. Good lawn Two car parking Gas fitted. Rent Rs 42,000.  Makran costal highway Gwadar 400 square yard price
  • Good Location Hills Road 1 Corner+West Open  Best Market Prices 1.53 Crore Good Location Good Location  Mapine homes commercial plot prices  P 32 Road 21 60 ft Road  Best Market Prices 29 lac Final Good Location Good Location P 28 3500 Series 60 Ft Road Near Mapine homes Gwadar 1 kanal commercial plot prices
  • Mastoid Park  Best Market Prices 25.5 lac Demand Good Location Good Location P 15 b Road 9 1500 Series  Best Market Prices  Marine drive 9 marla price 27 lac Demand Offer Require Good Location Good Location P 30 CORNER+EXTRA LAND+NEAR
  • Marine drive Gwadar 2 acre rate JINNAH  Walking Park 700 Series  Best Market Prices 57.5 Lac Final Good Location
  • Marine drive Gwadar 8 marla commercial price PHASE Plot Number 5 M 257 Best Market Prices 180 LAC  M 601 (32 M)  Best Market Prices 160 LAC WITHOUT ACCESS AREA PAID Phase_   marine drive plot price 6 N 647(22 M)  Best Market Prices 205 LAC (Access Area Paid)N 472 Padizer Road Gwadar COR (21.5 M)150′ Best
  • Sanghar Gwadar 1 kanal plot rates Market Prices 240 LAC (Corner+Access Area Paid)PHASE Plot Number 7 Y 2401 Best Market Prices 108 LAC (150’ROAD)PHASE Plot Number 8   Sanghar Gwadar 125 square yard plot rate  DHA Good Location PHASE # 9 PRISM Good Location
New town phase 4 commercial plot for sale
  • Good Location 5  MARLA  PLOT Good Location Good Location J Plot Number 16  Best Market Prices  48 lac  Sanghar Gwadar 400 square yard plots for sale  CORNER + 60”FT ROAD Good Location Good Location J 1532  Best Market Prices 43 LAC F ALL DUES CLEAR Good
  • Sangar housing scheme gwadar phase 3 500 square yard plots for sale Location Good Location J 154 Best Market Prices 42 ALL DUES CLEAR Good Location F 984 Best Market Prices 119 lac all paid
  • Sanghar Gwadar 500 square yards plot rates H.1305 Best Market Prices 115 lac all paid E 60 Best Market Prices 102 lac 330 lac army paid NDC
  • Padizer Road Gwadar apply N 261 Best Market Prices 110  lac all paid NDC apply   Sanghar Gwadar 8 marla plot for sale D 409 Best Market Prices  army update offer required D 1368 Best Market Prices 80 lac
  • Sanghar housing project Gwadar 1 kanal plot rates army update E 486 Best Market Prices 110 lac army update .10  Marla  L.1214 Best Market Prices 72 lac all paid L.1523 Best Market Prices 64 lac all paid  5
  • Sanghar housing project Gwadar 500 square yard plot for sale Marla s R 2348 Best Market Prices 49.50 lac all paid J.66 Best Market Prices 51 lac all paid J 3065 Best Market Prices 45 lac Mapine homes Gwadar 5 marla commercial plot for sale
  • all paid J 1696 Best Market Prices 42 lac all paid Estate …9.Prism .E 60 Best Market Prices 96.50  lac.330  Sanghar housing project Gwadar 8 marla plot prices in lac  army update NDC APPLY F.984 Best Market Prices 119 lac all paid
  • Sanghar housing scheme gwadar phase 1 1000 sq yard plots for sale Urgent sale Bahria town Lahore Overseas b block Padizer Road Gwadar  1018 10 m offer?Main to back Near park Tipu block 10  Marla  12 numb main 150 f  Sanghar housing scheme gwadar phase 1 2 kanal plots price  PHASE 9 Plot Number Town A Plot Number 575 Best Market Prices 73 Lac D/L Corner
  •  Sanghar housing scheme gwadar phase 1 500 sq yard plots for sale  Extra Paid Dp P Clear Near Park Level PlotA Plot Number 968 Best Market Prices 68 lac Noc R S Corner Extra Paid B Plot Number
  • Sanghar housing scheme gwadar phase 2 1000 sq yard plots price  4 Best Market Prices 66 lac  D/LOn 120 Feet Road D p P Clear H Plot Number 204 Best Market Prices 320/ Plot Number N
  • Sanghar housing scheme gwadar phase 2 2 kanal plots for sale  Plot Number 1206 Best Market Prices 155/ Plot
  • Number Dha Phase 7 T Plot Number 1520 Best Market Prices 75/ Plot Number  10 m 50 ft next to corner Padizer Road Gwadar T Plot Number 759  Sanghar housing scheme gwadar phase 3 500 square yard plots for sale
  • Best Market Prices 135/ Plot Number  back of 100 ft T Plot Number 1118 Best Market Prices 115/ Plot Number Padizer Road Gwadar  direct approach from 100 ft R Plot Number 229 Best Market  Sanghar housing scheme gwadar phase 3 8 marla plots for sale

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