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Gwadar Open Land For Sale, Gwadar Industrial Estate Plot Rate, New Town Gwadar Plot Prices And Singhar Housing Scheme Gwadar Plots Price

Gwadar Industrial Estate Plot Price

Industrial Zone Gwadar 1 Acre Plot For Sale
Block H   Plot Number 381  Market Rate 24 Lac
Block H   Plot Number 671  Market Rate 23 Lac
Block H   Plot Number 148  Market Rate 25 Lac
Block F   Plot Number 423  Market Rate 30 Lac

Industrial Zone Gwadar 2 Acre Plot For Sale
Block J   Plot Number 63  Market Rate 61 Lac
Block A 2   Plot Number 43  Market Rate 66 Lac

Industrial Zone Gwadar 5 Acre Plot For Sale
Block G   Plot Number 23  Market Rate 125 Lac
Block C   Plot Number 23  Market Rate 130 Lac

Gwadar Industrial Estate Commercial Plot Price

Industrial Gwadar 400 Square Yards Plots For Sale
Block S   Plot Number 24  Market Rate 16 Lac

Industrial Gwadar 1000 Square Yards Plots For Sale
Block S   Plot Number 153  Market Rate 60 Lac
Block E   Plot Number 150  Market Rate 63 Lac

New Town Gwadar Plot Prices

New Town Gwadar 500 Square Yards Plot Price
Plot Number 281   Asking Price 58 lac  500  Sq. yards

Gwadar New town Phase 2 1 Kanal Plot For Sale
Block B   Plot No. 105   Asking Price 60 lac
Block B   Plot No. 77   Asking Price 57 lac Corner
Block A   Plot No. 235   Asking Price 55 lac
Block A   Plot No. 110   Asking Price 54 lac

Marine Drive Gwadar Plot For Sale
Block DE   Plot No. 112   Asking Price 200 lac
Block DE   Plot No. 120   Asking Price 195 lac

Singhar Housing Scheme Gwadar Plots Price

Singhar Housing Scheme Gwadar Phase 1 Plot For Sale
Plot No. 3   Street R S   lane R 8 A   Asking Price 135 lac
Plot No. 16  Street P Q   lane P 9 A   Asking Price 110 lac
Plot No. 7   Street P Q lane P 6 A   Asking Price 120 Lac

Gwadar Open Land For Sale 

Gwadar CHIPRIKANI Land For Sale 66 Acre with 2 acre oman grant road front Demand 16 lac per acre

Gwadar GOMARO Land For Sale  26 Acre with 2 acre road front kahaan avenue Demand 15 lac per acre

Gwadar Shamal Bandan Land For Sale  158 acre near sea side

Gwadar Shatangi Land For Sale  185 acre 9 acre coastal highway front

Gwadar Gurrani Land For Sale  46 acre 1 acre sea front

Globiz Avenue Gwadar Phase 4 Plots For Sale 4 marla Commercial Executive BLOCK good Locations @ very reasonable price

GDA 5 Gwadar Plots For Sale 200 yards for Sale, 400 yards for sale, 800 yards for sale Gwadar Open Land For Sale

DHA Lahore Files For Sale

DHA Lahore Phase 7 5 Marla Files For Sale

Market Rate 35 Lac Size 5 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 5 10 Marla Files For Sale
Market Rate 107 Lac Size 10 Marla

DHA Guranwala 1 Kanal Files For Sale
Market Rate 47 Lac Size 1 Kanal

LDA City 10 Marla Files For Sale
Market Rate 25 Lac Size 10 Marla

DHA Phase 8 Z Block Commercial Files For Sale
Market Rate 258 Lac Size 4 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town Plot Number For sale

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town A Block Plot Number For sale
74 Plot Number   A Block  Asking Price 65 Lac Size 5 Marla
429 Plot Number   A Block  Market Rate 69 Lac Size 5 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town B Block Plot Number For sale
55 Plot Number   B Block  Asking Price 67 Lac Location 150 Feet Road
648 Plot Number   B Block  Asking Price 65 Lac

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town C Block Plot Number For sale
1142 Plot Number   C Block  Market Rate 69 Lac 
373 Plot Number   C Block  Market Rate 68 Lac 
936 Plot Number   C Block  Asking Price 68 Lac Status Possession
1416 Plot Number   C Block  Market Rate 69 Lac 

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town D Block Plots For sale
382 Plot Number   D Block  Asking Price 68 Lac Location 100 Feet Road
1941 Plot Number  D Block  Market Rate 62 Lac Size 6 Marla Location Corner
1870 Plot Number   D Block  Market Rate 63 Lac 
847 Plot Number   D Block  Asking Price 63 Lac Status Letter

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town 10 Marla Plots For sale
187 Plot Number   A Block  Market Rate 120 Lac Location Corner

New town gwadar phase 5 prices
  • Residential Allocation &  Mapine homes payment plan  Affidavit Available For Sale At The Rate Of 1- Kanal Residential Allocation New town gwadar phase 4 8 marla plot for sale
  • Affidavit Available For Sale* *Dha Phase 8 (Ex Park View) 1 Kanal Gwadar Open Land For Sale Residential Allocation Available For Sale   Gwadar industrial estate phase 1 2 acre plot price
  • Proper Phase 8 File Allocation Available For Sale* Singhar housing scheme gwadar phase 2 1000 sq yard plots rates
  • *(Shiv pura)* *Ivvy Green Affidavit &Allocation  New town scheme Gwadar 400 square yard plots rates  *5 Marla &10 Marla Available For Sale* *DHA
  • Singhar housing scheme gwadar phase 2 500 sq yard plots for sale Phase 9* 5-Marla Residential Allocation & Affidavit File Available For Sale At The
  • Rate Of 10-Marla Residential Allocation  New town gwadar phase 5 500 square yards plot for sale  & Affidavit File Available For Sale
  • At The Rate Of PHASE-8 IVY GREEN* Regards.  Industrial zone Gwadar 5 acre plot for sale *Phase 1* N-56/1 At The Rate Of 550/-
  • Phase 6* D-941 At The Rate Of 162/- H-  New town scheme Gwadar 500
Singhar housing scheme gwadar plots prices
  • square yard plots for sale 406 At The Rate Of 335/- D-258
  • New town gwadar phase 4 500 square yards plots for sale At The Rate Of 255/- D-32/53 At The Rate Of 255/- N-848 At The Rate Of 175/-
  • Phase 7* W-46 At The Rate Of 145/- W-1314 At The Rate Of 160/- Y- Singhar housing scheme phase 2 600 sq yard plots rates 3282/23 At The Rate Of 70/- *9-Prism All Dues clear
  • Gwadar industrial estate phase 1 5 acre plots for sale M-841 At The Rate Of 95/-f  D.h.a Bahawalpur  J-770 At The Rate Of 32/- *Harrappa city Near
  • Gwadar industrial estate phase 1 1000 square yards plots for sale Sahiwal * Open Land (agriculture land) available for Sale 9.25 Acres  Direct Deal with Owner At The Rate Of  30/-  lac  per Acre *9Town CCA 05 850 lac  Main
  • New town gwadar phase 5 1000 square yards plot rates 150″Road* *9 Town E 400 350 lac  Corner* *Ph9 OC 115 390 lac * *Ph 9 O C 215 505 lac  Inner
  • New town scheme Gwadar 1 kanal plots for sale Circle* *Ph 9 Zone 2 74 699 lac  8 Marla* Hallmark Estate D t 2357: Phase 5, J/ 235
  • Industrial Gwadar 1 acre plot for sale  At The Rate Of  265 J /219, F/Park  At The Rate Of  295 Phase 6, N/ 397  At The Rate Of Gwadar Open Land For Sale  208 Prism, New town gwadar phase 4 1 kanal plot for sale D/ 525, Civil, All Paid  At The Rate Of  103 Won  Comm E/ 205, 4 m, Comm  At The Rate Of  315 D/ 53, 5m  At The Rate Of 72 Park View Gwadar Open Land For Sale

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Green Palms Gwadar. For More Information 0321-9110991

Green Palms Gwadar, . Gwadar Property Dealers


GREEN PALMS HOUSING SCHEME  Gwadar Pakistan is one the best residential and commercial project in Gwadar. Rafi Groups is a well known developer and real estate in Gwadar and Pakistan. Green Palms Gwadar plot sizes. Residential plots in Green Palms are of 125 square yards, 250 square yards, 500 square yards and 1000 square yards or 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal. Commercial plots in Green Plams are of 4 Mara and 8 Marla or 100 and 200 square yards.

Download Gwadar Master Plan

Green Palms Gwadar Installment Plan

Green Plan Gwadar Plots on installments. residential and commercial Plots on two years installment plan. it offers best installment plan in Gwadar. Gwadar installment plot for sale and best Gwadar port investment.

Its clear that Green Plams is Gwadar best investment plot for sale, We have all Gwadar plot for sale, Its clear now Gwadar port best investment, Our commercial plot for sale have best prices.

Green Palms Gwadar

Location of Green Palms Gwadar is so much attractive. its located on Port road Gwadar. Port road is a very highway of Gwadar. Which is kind of central location of Gwadar. Besides,Sea is only a few minutes from the Green Plams Gwadar. Its a important location for all large scale business in Gwadar.

Also very much attractive for residential point of view. A main trade center will be establish here. high rise buildings will be this area main attraction. 100 square yards commercial  plot green palms Gwadar rates, 200 square yards commercial plot rates green palms Gwadar.

Green Palms Gwadar AMENITIES

  • High security with CCTV cameras
  • Children Parks and  Play area
  • Mosque
  • Community center and Club
  • Main Commercial centers
  • State of the art town mapping and  planning
  • wide roads with divider and green belts
  • Modern sewerage system

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Download Gwadar Moza Map

DHA Lahore File Rate

DHA Lahore Phase 9 5 Marla File Rate

Market Rate 27 Lac Size 5 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 10 1 Kanal  File Rate
Market Rate 47 Lac Size 1 Kanal

DHA Rahber Phase 2 Ext  5 Marla File Rate
Market Rate 28.25 Lac Size 5 Marla

DHA Gujranwala 10 Marla File Rate
Market Rate 28 Lac Size 10 Marla

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Commercial File Rate
Market Rate 252 Lac Size 4 Marla

DHA Phase 7 Lahore Plots

DHA Phase 7 Lahore Y Block Plot Number
3905 Plot Number Y Block  Market Rate 85 Lac Size 10 Marla Location Facing Park
481 Plot Number Y Block  Market Rate 165 Lac Location Corner
3282/16 Plot Number Y Block  Market Rate 85 Lac Size 10 Marla Location Corner

DHA Phase 7 Lahore S Block Plot Number
1126 Plot Number S Block  Asking Price 150 Lac 
251 Plot Number S Block  Asking Price 165 Lac 

DHA Phase 7 Lahore X Block Plot Number
1690 Plot Number X Block  Market Rate 95 Lac 

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